I dont understand Makoto



Lately I’ve been using Makoto in training but I dont understand one bit I mean I know her combo’s such as
Jumping forward kick, jab punchx2, Hayate with jab punch
Karakusa, crouching jab punchx2, Hayate with jab punch Jumping forward kick, standing fierce punch, EX Hayate
Jumping forward kick, standing short kick, forward kick
Jumping forward kick, jab punchx2, Hayate with jab punch, S.A. 1
Karakusa, crouching jab punchx2, Hayate with jab punch, S.A. 1
S.A. 2, EX Oroshi,
S.A. 2, Tsurigi with forward kick, Hayate with strong punch
S.A. 2, EX Hukiage, Tsurigi with forward kick

I used her for the first time against my brother and he used Chun-LI and i used S.A. and he fell real well for it and somehow I did well even though I loss the thing I cant stand about her is her slow walk heh but I dont get how to play her and makes her so good since she’s a top tier not sayin’ she’s bad but I’m very curious cuz she’s very unique and different to me


slow walk eh

Her slow-walk makes her Hayates harder to spot.

Try doing Karakusa (choke-grab) after Hayates. Karakusa gives you a lot of choices.

Against the wall you can do SA2 > Hayate > Cr.Roundhouse > Dash > Karakusa > Fierce > Ex. Hayate and it’s usually stunnage.

A good way to hit with an SA2 is when you think he’s going for a trip, or going to miss a throw attempt. When he’s on your half of the screen, do Fierce > SA2. (Takes a while to do this smoothly).

Shoto vs Makoto differences

Shoto’s Trip : Cr. Roundhouse
Makoto’s Trip : Cr. Fierce

Shoto’s Throws : Close-close range
Makoto’s Karakusa : Very easy to catch

Shotos don’t poke
Makoto sorta pokes

Shotos anti-airs with SRK
Makoto anti-airs with S.Forward (Don’t try Fukiage)

Shotos play damage
Makoto plays stun (and to some degree, damage as well)

Shotos are somewhat predictable
Makoto makes you guess a lot

Just my 2 pennies


im having trouble canceling the Hayate with jab punch into S.A. 1.

do you do it just after the move finishes, or like a normal super cancel do u just do another quater circle followed by punch?


It’s a link, not a supercancel, so you have to do the whole super motion and press punch right after Makoto recovers from the Hayate.

Hint: Try buffering the super during the Hayate animation and quickly drum the punch buttons successively when it finishes, that should make it easier to find the right timing.


slow walk eh

i gotta disagree w/ these points

in terms of throwing, they might not have the range of karakusa, they have enough walking speed to come up and throw you, and w/ their bulky build, it doesnt have to be that much of a walk. combine that w/ ryu and akuma’s kara-throw, makes things even harder.

cr.forwar, cr.short. cr.strong? id say thats more than enough pokiness for shoto, especially ken, since he can get a super off every single one of those

and in terms of predictablitly, no one if predictable if u play them right. with makoto’s dash cancels, and post kara and wakeup setups, shes a bit harder to guess on, but everyon has options.

if u wanna get why makoto = truth. go to the combo and strats forum, or even better, find arleith’s faq.


Never walk! Dash! :stuck_out_tongue:



never walk?

I’ve sure been making a lot of mistakes as a makoto then :slight_smile:

but about poking,
I think neither Makoto and Shotokans poke much

Now characters like Twelve poke a lot :stuck_out_tongue:


just like he says… never walk… what are ya gonna do? walk for 2 seconds to get half-screen? and if ur too close to dash (meaning ull be wayyyyy close while in dash mode) just dash back once and then dash forward… come to think of it i actually never walk with her… usually ist dashing ye :0 and a bit of jumping


walk a lot. use it to get just inside of her dash -> karakusa range.

walk into dash is way 1337 stratz y0.


Im in no way the best player but I try to never walk and rarely dash. Keep the guessing game by using her f.rh and f.mk and then holding the f.rh and doing either another, a f.mk or a karakusa.

Usually I only dash in the beginning or during SAII combos :wink:


f+mk is only really good if they are jumping away or something like that, and even then a strait up dash is a better thing to do. you have to realise any move that puts makoto in a position where she will be knocked on the ground, is a move you want to stay away from. You can see both those moves coming a mile away. they are good every now and again, but creeping walk and or dash back into dash forward is by far the best way to get around. if you control her dash backing well enough you will see that her range isnt much different than anyone elses. you compensate the range of her forward dash with the lack of range with her back dash.

i know i keep harping on this, but you want to stay on your feet and keep them on the ground in a constant wake up mix up game. or, second best to that, in a post-hayate/karakusa game. those two siutations is where she deals the most damage and put the most fear into your opponent.

bottom line, her dash is by far one of the bestmoves she has in her arsenal, and mixing it up with her walking and back dashing is how you fully utilize it.


it has to be emphasized how bad in a situation you’re in when you get put on the ground. the only two things worth doing is either a throw, or a hayate. her DP is too risky, only if u see a glaringly obvious overhead, or a move that overlaps your body(even then, its not so easy to tell if it connects).

yea… thats my input, have fun.


yeah i mean, i just assume everyone knows the ground and makoto arent best friends.

you said it,she really dosent have any solid wake up moves… i usally just block low and wait for them to fuck up so i can grab them. everything else is entirley too risky.


back dashing seems like a viablo option for makoto IMO

but you’re right, makoto on the ground is bad news

about the f.forward and f.rh guessing game thingie… i think most people would SRK when they see it coming.


she actually has quite a bit of lag on her back dash, and is pretty open to getting owned, not to mention it dosent go very far. i might be wrong i just dont see the real benifit of dashing back.

trust me, take mopremes advice and just block low.


even if u backdash on wakeup, certain dp’s will catch you, you gotta know your spacing or timing if u want them to whiff on a dp. even then its not too smart to do unless all they do is compulsively throw you, which is easier to evade w/ a backdash.

oh yea, backdash anytime someone supers… you lose


jesus, if you only knew the amount of times ive caught a super in the face just for dashing back. :lol:


Anti wakeup supers are top tier. :lol:


Makoto still has one of the best dashes, right?

O ya, wake-up supers are the bomb
saved me a couple tokens :wink:


Supers are the best meaties.