I don't understand why my signature was modified

Here is what my signature was:

Custom Tournament & Event Flyers | Cla’s Game Vids | New England Fight Scene presents BATTLEBORO 2012 (Brattleboro, Vt)

And you can see what it is now below. What is this i don’t even. Seriously, nothing in the rules link even gives a hint as to what could’ve been wrong with the sig before. Can you seriously not link to Event threads in your sig or something? I’m totally lost here.

[LEFT]EDIT: I’m getting the feeling that the modification was some kind of weird auto thing that incorrectly flagged my sig for some reason. So as of 7:13PM 02/26/12, I changed it back to what I had in the first place as shown above. If you’re just now joining and what to know what it got modified to, it looked like this:[/LEFT]
Custom Tournament & Event Flyers | Cla’s Game Vids | New England Fight Scene presents BATTLEBORO2012 (Brattleboro, Vt)
Your signature has been modified. Please read the rules.

[LEFT]So now you can see below whether or not my sig has been RE-modified yet again. So far so good.[/LEFT]

i believe hyperlinks count towards the overall character count in your sig

you really had to make a thread about this? There is a “ask a mod” thread. that is stickied. At the top of the page.

Think next time.

It’s because you touch yourself at night. Also, because your mother’s a whore.

Read rule #25

The rule link says a sig can be 1000 chars long. Even with all the code for the links…

**[Custom Tournament & Event Flyers]('http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/wts-custom-tournament-event-flyers/142532') |
[Cla's Game Vids]('http://www.youtube.com/user/clatheninja') |
[New England Fight Scene presents BATTLEBORO 2012 (Brattleboro, Vt)]('http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/mar-11-2012-new-england-fight-scene-presents-battleboro-2012-brattleboro-vt/141885')**

… it is only 421 chars long.

Not seeing said thread anywhere. And I can’t search for it because “ask” & “mod” are “too short/common”.

Oh SRK, whatever what would I do without you guys?

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We altered your sig. Pray we do not alter it any further.[/Dark fader]
…And there you have it.


I just want to put it outthere that if I don’t get some kind of explanation soon on what was wrong with my sig, I’m going to put the link back in. Because I have combed over the Rule link again and again and again and there’s NOTHING in there that even remotely hints as to why I cannot have a link to a Tourney in my sig. At this point, I’m assuming that it was some kind of mistake that my sig was modified.

No one is stopping you. Go for it. If no one sent you a pm about it, maybe it was just a glitch. SRK, we’re a mix of sarcasm and suggestion. We make a good family.

Your sig was paid a social visit by the SRK mod clan. The next visit will not be so social.