I dont understand why Ultra Moves exist?

It’s like ‘Hey your getting your ass whooped, have an overpowered ultra move which will take half your opponents health and get you back in the game without all the hardwork’

The whole concept is just, not at all well thought out and it is an actual detriment to the enjoy men of the game. Especially when someone like Ryu can link in their Ultra fine and win cheaply while poor Guile over there has one person in everyone 100,000 or so who can actually pulll of his ultra in some sort of combo

And I am not just talking I never use ultra moves for precisely this reason. It is rewarding people with an overpowered move because they were getting beaten and were sucking. Like giving a fat person a voucher for all you can just totally not needed.

I understand them wanting to do something new but pleaseeeee, a move that takes out half someone health awarded to them because they were getting their ass whopped? I mean get real capcom… I would fire the creative director who came up with that shit. And of course the other marvelous decision to make some ultras easy and some nigh impossible another superb move the company to give us a fair and balenced game:xeye::bluu:.

I’m not sure how to respond to this, or where to even start. You still have to land the ultra, and it’s easy not to jump in against Ryu.

I actually think it makes for a more balanced and engaging game. It doesn’t award folks who are getting beat down, it simply offers a chance to claw back some ground. You still have supers and let’s say that ultra is landed you still have the ultra it gives you in turn.

Besides, not all ultras are big damage when combo’d into, like Bison’s LP, LK> headbutt ultra etc. I think you’re whining about this in the wrong way to be honest.

It’s so that if you’re losing you get a chance to get back into the game, it evens the playing field out a bit.

ultras are artificial balancing tools that don’t really work all that great as balancing tools - its a poorly implemented gimmicks

Ultras should not do the dmg that they do now. They should all just do Seth-level dmg (it’s laughable really) or even less.

If by “evens the playing field”, you mean “rewards you for getting your ass kicked” then sure, yeah, I hear ya.

But, to be fair, since it is pretty much required for you to burn your super meter for EX moves in SF4, the Ultra really becomes your only “super”, as long as SSF4 addresses some of the more useless Ultras in the game (pretty good odds every char will have at least 1 good Ultra) the point becomes kind of mute.

You get to “earn” your EX meter, and EX moves and FADC, etc are really the most powerful tools in the game, and used far more often for damage then Ultras (hard to do all the big damage Ultra set ups without said EX meter having some juice.)

SF4 is a weird game, and I get the anti Ultra sentiment from a theory standpoint, rewarding the fail is whack, but in reality it works out kinda differently, very rarely to you see just straight Ultras changing the pace, it requires meter to do all the really buff game changing set ups.

Really, SF4 is kinda heading out, Super will replace it VERY quickly, and we shall see if they amp up the offense game a bit, and see where that takes us…

While I do find it frustrating to eat ultra’s out of nowhere, it definitely balanced the game more than it unbalances it. Sure some lower tier characters could use more setups, and maybe supers should have been made more useful. But all in all it’s not too bad.

Also: Where can I find these Enjoy men you speak of?

Edit: Not using ultra when you have it, is just silly. It’s not going to make you any better, make you win more, or make you more honorable. It’s just scrubby.


Well, since I main Vega I’m really used to forget about my Ultra and focus on other options, so I actually don’t give a damn about the Ultra or no Ultra damn topic being here discussed.


Baiken’s a gem.

Eating Ultra out of no where… Only happens if you’re playing haphazardly. I go balls to the wall with Fei, and the only time I eat Ultra… is when I do something very stupid. (And on ym behalf, I do stupid things alot)

Ultras… if they take you out… you weren’t doing so well in the first place… don’t complain.

Most ultras… unless you get caught point blank, can be countered out of.

You can gain a free ultra from smart use of focusing. shrugs If Ultra is your bane, you aren’t playing so well. If yours isn’t winning, you’re laying someone who’s actually good.

Ultras are basically a broken Rage system from Samurai Showdown. Or even better, CvS2 K-Groove.

I was actually talking with another guy around my area and how K-Groove is more like how Ultras should be or around that point. So it won’t be a complete turtlefest hoping to not make a wrong move. You’re still getting meter for taking hits, but now Boxer won’t have to sit there waiting for a AA headbut or Ryu fishing for his 8 different setups into his ultra for the rest of the match.

of course, we’ll see if Super really does tone down ultras so they’re not 1 hit turnarounds. So far some ultras are toned down but…we’ll see overall.

Neither do I. v:angel:v

So much crying in this thread, it is funny.

The alternative, gaining meter for being offensive, is nice and all, but if I’m on the receiving end of a beatdown then chances are I don’t get to build any meter, and I won’t have my super available to help stop the hemorrhaging. On the other hand, the character who is doing the beating is continually building meter, so while his lead grows he gets yet another powerful tool at his disposal to help put the nail in the coffin. Also, this leads to running away and whiffing normals/specials just to build meter.

Also, as was mentioned, since EX and FADC burns meter, not everyone will get to use their super. Maybe they do, but that will depend on how important EX/FADC is to them, and also the meter management of the player.

So ultras are a super move that are independent of the actual super gauge. Because it fills as you get it, it ensures that you will never lose a round without at least having it be available. So even if my opponent beats me down and fills up his super meter, at least I have ultra stored.

However, Capcom made it so that these ultras are pretty darn hard to hit randomly. Your opponent will have to miss something fairly large, or be totally spazzing out or just attacking without any concern for defense. If your opponent isn’t spazzing out, then you have to combo into the ultra, at which point it goes through severe damage scaling. As much as people complain about DP FADC Ultra, the simple truth is if you didn’t get hit by the DP then you don’t have to worry about FADC Ultra whatever. What you are essentially complaining about is you let your defense down, and you lost more life than you felt you should.

And yes, some characters ultras are better than other’s. In what game has “some character’s tools/utilization of the system is better than others” not been true?

In this thread: I don’t agree with something that’s an integral part of a fighting game that’s a year old. I will never change my mind about this.

Post this shit here. I’m tired of people posting inflammatory shit in the helping forum, thinking that it makes them immune from criticism.

Ultra is just fine. some characters need it more then others, Look at El Fuerte for example.

He has low Damage output and Low Stamina
he is VERY Dependent on EX meter ( EX Habanero Dash for escapes, getting in, EX Guacamole for escapes / punish)

His Ultra really only has three ways to be landed; via a Focus Crumple, punishing a high recovery move (like Cannon spike) OR punishing someone who’s jumping who can’t alter their landing time (Example: Sagat or Rose two who can’t, and thus, should refrain jumping once he has Ultra or Cammy and Ryu whom can alter their jump with Cannon Strike / EX Tatsu to beat or even counter his Ultra)

While it sucks that some people (Guile, Vega) have a tougher time landing it then Ryu or Sagat, Their Second ultras in Super look far more useable, which levels the playing field.

But let’s get to the point.

OP sounds like someone who doesn’t know how to bait or switch to Plan B. Please refer to the Footsies Handbook and step your game up. If you know the opponent is gonna fish for it, you should take the necessary steps to either prevent it’s use or make’em waste it.

If you don’t like ultras, you can play a game that doesn’t have them :wonder:

Much easier than taking on the impossible task of trying to establish an objective argument as to why they are bad.

Ultra’s doing 30% dmg is fine but when some Ultra’s does over 60% dmg then its a bit to much.

Ultras are a mechanic created to allow comebacks without huge amounts of skill. Why? To appeal to casual gamers, without casual gamers sf4 could of just ended up like another 3s; a high skill game that nobody plays.

You are wrong about ultra JUST being a reward for getting raped though, use the focus system more!

Ultras aren’t balanced. Comeback mechanics are not inherently flawed. This thread is OVER.