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Like the title says I don’t want to be that guy that goes to a fighting game forum and says in all caps “HELP ME DO THIS COMBO BETTUR” I know it all takes practice and time and learning but I’ve been trying to stick with this game for numerous months now and I’ve actually gained quite a bit of knowledge but it seems like I can learn everything to learn about this game and still have issues with the combo system…ehhh linking in particular, this system of doing combos infuriates me because it all comes down to the most strict time I’ve ever had to deal with in a video game, I once went on a 2 hour binge attempting to do one linking combo with M.Bison over and over again and never managed to get it down and only do it by accident, I’ve been told by so many people “Just keep trying at it you’ll get it” but I’ve put in so much effort that at this point unless truly using a controller is my downfall and need to shell out some cash for a fightstick I’m just going to give up. so let me go ahead and just get to the actual POINT of the forum post, this forum is my last hope and I really need some guidance from some veteran players on just what I’m doing wrong with these combos, is it really just my timing and I’m going to have to put even MORE hours into it? or is something else the cause? Either way thank you for taking the time to read this and any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

My apologize but let me just add this, it wouldn’t bother me so much if linking wasn’t such a key feature and important component to pretty much everything combo wise this game has to offer.


There is a newbie section for questions exactly like these. These links should help you:
Newbie Saikyo Dojo
Excecution Guide

I won’t disgard your post just like that though, it would help if you would elaborate what problems in particular you have, which combos and which characters are you struggling with? Specific examples.

As for the stick, it is just a tool, though from personal experience everything came ALOT easier for the amount of effort i put in as opposed to using a controller, never felt held back anymore because of the device i used to play a game. Another note, you have years upon years of experience playing wit a controller, however you need to relearn basic things again when using an arcade stick. Things like dashing, jumping forward, backward, neutral. complex motions you might be able to o on a controller need to be relearned etc etc. So basically you become worse before you get better first…and this is what makes alot of people drop the arcade stick and go back to a controller. but just stick with it an you’ll be fine. For me it also increased the overall enjoyment of playing fighting games, feels good smacking those buttons.


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Press a button.
Watch the animation.
You have to wait for the animation to end before you press the next button in sequence. (If you pressed jab, wait for your character’s fist to come back before pressing the next button.)

Set the training dummy in practice to “Auto Block”.

If the move doesn’t come out, you did it too early. Do it slower.
If the move gets blocked, you did it too late. Do it faster.

You can learn plinking to increase your chances of hitting the link (if your plinking technique is correct all of the time every time).

That’s pretty much it.

You can circumvent the whole “practice” thing by using easier combos (2-frame links instead of 1-frame links). Sure, you miss out on extra damage, or knockdowns, or what have you, but it’s something.

If you play a character that relies on 1-framers (e.g. Guy), well, god help you.


Train another char for a week or 2, seriously, then go back to check your previous one, and see the improvement. Killer tip here.


First thing I will say is to make sure your equipment is working properly. A broken/bad pad will only frustrate you. Inputs might be getting dropped, or a sticky button will throw your whole timing off.

Ok since we got that out of the way lets talk about the character in question. You mentioned a 2 hour binge trying a Bison combo. you are going about this the wrong way. If you are getting mad and frustrated at the game, I ask you to please turn off the game and go do something else. The more pissed you get at this game the more you mess up and end up in an endless cycle of getting salty and pissed.

I am not 100% sure what combo you binged on but I will assume it is the classic bison cr.lk cr.lk cr.lk xx scissors. Linking 2 light kicks together is a 2 frame link, and I don’t want you to work on this combo right away

Lets try 2 simpler Bison combos.

  1. cr. lp cr. lp cr. lp cr. lk xx lk scissors

  2. cr. lp cr. lp st. lk, cr. lk xx lk scissors

Do these combos 10 times in a row without failure before moving on.

Next, lets learn that combo mentioned above. practice linking your light kicks together and NOT worry about cancelling into scissors. Try to be able to link TWO light kicks together and also practice plinking. I do play Bison and I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS plink my light kicks. It really makes them a lot easier. Go watch a video explaining plinking and apply that to your light kicks, and other links. So here is some homework for you.

  1. do those combos 10 times in a row without fail that were explained above.

  2. practice learning to plink

  3. practice plinking light kicks together without cancelling into scissors.

  4. Finally add the scissor cancel at the end.

eventually this will come to you and I would also advise go through your training routine everyday before jumping online. I see so many people go into training mode for 5 mins to try to learn something new, get mad, say $#&^ it and jump online and get bodied.

This is also how you learn links with all characters too not just bison. Go slow, break the combo down just like I did with the light kicks, and it will come to you. even watch some matches and see how a player executions the combo. Eventually you will get it, This is how I started and now the way I practice my light kicks is through and endless loop of FADC combos.

Also going to point out the obvious here, all the great combos in the world will not save you from bad fundamentals. If you are just determined to learn combos without learning footsies and spacing then you will never get a chance to land those combos. doing raw jumps and having bad spacing will get you killed before you even get close enough to combo.


I strongly recommend getting the stick. I’ve been able to pull off things with the stick that I could never dream to do with the dualshock 3.


The issue isn’t the stick, or a pad, the issue is Bison. Drop him first, then learn someone else.


If your having problems doing links on ssf4, go out an buy a copy of sfxt and play the sf characters on there…the link are alot easier and when you play that for awhile an get combos down on there, coming back to ssf4 will seem waaaaaayy easier. atleast thats what make linking click for me even though i read everything and knew how the whole combo system worked^^


or just practice till you get it right… it takes time for everyone… in the end you figure out which timing to push the buttons then just practice untill it sticks its no easy way