I Don't Want to be White Anymore - Woman Watches NASCAR With Corpse for 18 Months



Seriously, I think the Whiteypedia thread is going out of business over this one. There is just no explanation for this.

I can be an honorary black person or asian?




That’s actually really sad… like, heartbreaking sad.

Well, at least it was until I read where she was cashing his social security checks.


elderly white trash, you never cease to amaze me


Oh, I’ll bet :wink:

and Duckie, that was a heartwrenching read until that part lol


Oh god, really?


Ewww…when it comes to love, she really put the pedal to the metal.


TBH it’s still a sad story, I mean if she was just keeping him around for the checks, the body would have been hidden and not looked after.

It’s fucked up but it’s hard to be angry at anyone involved, well besides the rest of the family “not checking up on him for a while” with “a while” being 18 months, thats pretty disgusting.


You wanna be black? Sure, I’ll trade. I’ll take a couple retarded old people over getting shot for wearing a hoodie


white people Kappa


Being white has too many perks to change. If you be black for a day, you will never want to be black again. But you won’t go back.


Yeah it’s like…I’d be blaming the family. It took over a year to realize…“Hmm…we haven’t heard from him in a while…eh, let’s wait another 6 months.”?


Yes, being black isn’t that great. On another note, this is rather sad yet disturbing, and I actually feel sorry for her. The family, not so much. On that note…



If they were married she would have gotten his benefits anyways as a widow I think. Whats really sad is how attention starved are women today/how apathetic is society to even let this happen bruvs.


Nice usage of the gif, your inner bitch is coming out, it’s beautiful. :sunglasses:

But yeah, this is typical white people going ons.

OP has a good title too.


Why, thank you, and I agree. OP, nice title.


its more sad that people in america do not care about the elderly and discard their parents once they are too old to fend for themselves. typically they let them rot in a nursing home though. disgusting F-

i blame mtv


Nah fuck that. No way in hell would I do that to my parents. My parents helped my start my journey. I think its only fitting I help them finish theirs


Only thing in my head now after reading that is the lyrics to Fantasy by DyE.


Soooooooo, in other words… you aint a killer but don’t push you?


I will admit. I laughed hard on that one.