I.E. Battle Grounds SSF4 Season #1. RanBat 1.1 Results

first i want to thank every one that made it out here to play its awesome to see some new faces.
we finished really early this time witch was great!
videos should be up within the week.

and now the results for RB1.1

1: Fuson
2: Towner
3: ClutchLikeKobe
4: Airic
5: Tekniqs
5: SoCal
7: Lvs
7: Markski
9: Euro
9: Bren2xT
9: CupCake
9: ZillGrinds
13: Dinasour Jr.
13: Monster Mash
13: Jared
13: Wonder_Chef
17: Toshinu
17: InfamousTwin84
17: Josh
17: Mr.Dream Merchant
17: Bouncing Soul
17: LockOn
17: Munch Munch
25: Kirrus
25: Jerry
25: Binkley

Damn, why am I always right in the middle.

GGs last night. Nice meeting some new people.

We ended up staying until almost our usual time anyway…

nice seeing all you dudes again, had a great time as always. GGS!.
king taco was a bitch to find but it was well worth it in the end :karate: