I.E BattleGrounds SSF4 Season 1. RanBat's Results On First & Lats Post! (SoCal)


I.E BattleGrounds Presents: SSF4 Inland Empire Battle Ground RanBats Season #1 Hosted @ Shuffle And Cut

Just To Clarify I Do NOT Own Nor Do I Work For Shuffle And Cut.
Venue Fee Will Go Straight To Shuffle Not To Me! I Make No Money Running The Events.
I Am Just Happy That SnC Allows Me To Run Tournaments There.

(there is no spectator fee so you can come and check all the action out for free)

Any One Can Enter The RanBats Or Team Tournaments!
(if you did not enter the first one you can still enter any of the other ranbats)
For The RanBat’s You Will Need To Win As Many Points Possible To Win The Season Prize Though

We Will Be Streaming The Tournament Live At: I.E BattleGrounds on Justin.tv

check out the I.E. BattleGrounds page for more info. here:Shuffle&Cut

11/13/10 - RanBat 1.5 = Signups Start At 6:00pm And End At 7:15pm Tournament Will Start At 7:30pm FEE: $4.00 to enter 1.00 Venue = $5.00 total per person entering (casuals between 6pm and 7:30pm)

12/4/10 - RanBat 1.6 FINAL =

All Ranking Battles Are Double Elimination Best 2 out of 3 Matches With 2 Out Of 3 Rounds Timer Will Be Set At 99 Seconds.
If There Is A Draw Game You Will Replay The Match With The Exact Same Characters And Ultras.
Winner Cannot Change Characters But Can Switch Ultras. Looser May Switch Character. You Have The Right To Blind Pick On Character Selection But Not Ultra.

Xbox 360 Only.

All Events Are Bring Your Own Controller

Will Be 70%, 20%, 10% For 1st, 2nd And 3rd Place

RanBat’s May Have A Different Fee So Keep Checking Here For That Info

Points Will Be As Folows
1st = 9 Points
2nd = 7 Points
3rd = 5 Points
4th = 3 Points
5th = 1 Point
At The End Of The Season I Will Try To Have Prizes For The Top 3 Players
(UPDATE: Season Winner Will Receive A Special Prize.) Or At Least The Player With The Most Points.

Shuffle And Cut Games
8605 Baseline Rd
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730-1111

**SnC Rules: **
please make sure you can tell what joystick or controller belongs to you. we have never had any issues with people stealing and i intend to keep it that way!!.

  1. if you lend your joystick/pad to a fellow player make sure you get it back.

  2. BE ON TIME! i do not like to prolong the tournament/ranbat for any one.

  3. once your match is finished please report it to me or one of the other people helping me run the event.

  4. if you do not know the rules please come talk to me and i will explain them to you

  5. pick up your trash. Shuffle & Cut provides trash cans SO USE THEM!

  6. i don’t mind people talking trash its part of the culture just keep it in check and dont get out of hand with it.

  7. i will be updating the thread with start times for upcoming events.

  8. top 8 of each ranbat will be recorded and uploaded to my youtube page.

  9. feel free to post any question you might have.

  10. if you play blazegreen (or any other drugs) do that away from SnC. if i catch you i will permanently ban you ass from SnC

  11. there is no alcohol allowed inside or out in front of SnC

  12. if i ever catch any one stealing its a permanent ban from SnC and you will get your a… (SnC is nice enough to let us do our thing here so don’t F&@# it up for every one els)

  13. maintain personal hygiene people!!!

**Points Standings For RB 1.1

1: Fuson909 = 9 Points
2: Towner = 7 Points
3: ClutchLikeKobe = 5 Points
4: Airic = 3 Points
5: Tekniqs = 1 Point
5: SoCal = 1 Point**

**Points Standings For RB 1.2

1: Keno = 9 Points
2: Takeru = 7 Points
3: Filipino Man = 5 Points
4: XBlades = 3 Points
5: Fuson909 = 1 Point
5: Bren2xT = 1 Point

Points Standings For RB 1.3

1: Keno = 9 Points
2: ClutchLikeKobe = 7 Points
3: Fuson909 = 5 Points
4: XBlades = 3 Points
5: Bren2xT = 1 Points
5: Takeru = 1 Points

Points Standings For RB 1.4

1: Keno = 9 Points
2: XBlades = 7 Points
3: ClutchLikeKobe = 5 Points
4: Town house = 3 Points
5: Hugo101 = 1 Points
5: Gootecks = 1 Points

Point Standings For RB 1.5

1: Keno = 9 Points
2: Filipino Man = 7 Points
3: ClutchLikeKobe = 5 Points
4: Bren2xT = 3 Points
5: Roman = 1 Point
5: Airic = 1 Point

Point Standings For RB 1.6 (Final)

1: Hugo101 = 9 Points
2: FilipinoMan = 7 Points
3: ClutchLikeKobe = 5 Points
4: XBlades = 3 Points
5: Tekniqs = 1 Point
5: CupCake = 1 Point



see you there guys.


Damn! My only weakness!

Will be there for sure. Damn 7:00pm start time, I’m going to have to leave at like 4:00.


Hope someone lets me use a Stick >___>


any chance of a ps3 setup?


Considering the problems created the last time a ps3 was used at SnC, I don’ think that will happen.


Bringing a new character, as usual!

Also might be bringing a friend.


ill be taking a few guys to enter.


lol @ PS3 setup.

lol @ me having to use a PS3 pad </3.

Depending if I get a ride or not, I’ll go haha.


ps3 setup would be great without that HDMI setup lol


I don’t want to argue so I can use my 360 pad again >.>


I might make it out to this depending what’s going on Saturday for me.


i wanna use my ps3 pad though >_>


lol. It’s a 360 tournament though ;[.

Having that one system slows it down lol.


Use a stick!

I’ll be there. 7 is a good start time. I don’t want to be playing matches at 1am.


fuck sticks. :[


SnC style is playing matches until at least 6am.


I mean tourney matches. I’ll play casuals all night but last time I had a 1am tourney match I had gotten up at 6am that morning at it was not fun.


sorry not at this time. we will only be using 360 setup’s

i am changing the start time to 7:30pm signup start at 6pm. from 6 to 7:30 you guys can get in casuals to warm up.

try not to be here before 6pm as shuffle may have some card tournaments going before signup time.


Should be there.