I.E BattleGrouonds Present: Test Your Might! SSF4 Team Tournament 8/21/10 Results!


thanks to every one that made it out and participated in the event. youtube videos wont be up for about a week. ill keep you guys posted.

here are the results from the 2v2:

1: Team Straight Out Of L.A
2: Team Roscoes
3: Team Lucholariat
4: Team Handycap
5: Team Cops & Robbers
5: Team Soul Of The Lil Gay Boys
7: Team LowHp
7: Team No Jumping
9: Team STFU
9: El Equipo Hijueputa
9: Team MKE West
13: Team Why Cant We Be Friends
13: Team BlazeGreen
13: Team 40’s & 9’s.

also THX to every one who was checking out the live stream.

see you guys in 2 weeks for ranbat 1.3

also can you guys leave some feedback about the event on this thread thanks in advance!


Yooo tourney was well done… a little cluttered but not bad… more organization will do better… considering the amount of people there…other than that!
XBlades Fei
Clutch Ibuki

Tony was lucky… cough good shyyt guys!



Running into Hugo and Tony in LOSERS 3rd round sucked.

I blame those little gay boys!


Thank you TemjinAlpha, another well run tournament. Can’t wait for what you bring in the future.


who put tony/hugo into losers?


<3 Ggs.


Brentt and me


ggs to everyone and anyone i had a lot of fun :slight_smile:


GGz to all. It sucks to see 2 teams that we beat place higher than us. =/ And Mondo you put us second on 5th place. I knew you hated me! :grrr: