I fall for all the gimmicks in the Rashid matchup. I just don't know how to stop that shit



Do the Vega players here know how to beat Rashid? I know this matchup is in Vega’s favor but I don’t know why and as a result I get murdered by every fucking Rashid player I fight.

Also, is his LP spinning mixer safe? Every time I block that shit and try to retaliate even with st.LK I get counter hit, thrown or hit with EX spinning mixer.

Also every time I try to crush counter his EX spinning mixer my St.HK whiffs completely and I lose my turn. I seriously hate this shit and need help. I’m really asking for it this time. I’m at wits end with this matchup. It’s been giving me hell for the past month and I really need some outside input because what I’m doing isn’t working.

The only time I get decent damage is when I block sweep or eagle spike.


I also struggle with this, but punishes for characters who enter crouching after reversals

Claw: Fierce xx Stance Change, c.Forward, Target Combo xx EX FBA

Clawless: Fierce xx Stance Change xx Fierce xx Stance Change, c.Strong xx EX FBA

Rashid and Karin both have this, it’s really irritating. You have to CC earlier than the rest of the cast, which may be hard in the heat of the moment so this is more reliable until you get the timing down


Most rashids usually have rabies and just play their own game, so patience is the strongest tool in this fight. He doesn’t have that good damage and without EX his damage is even more trash.

As for the mixer I think it’s safe but minus, if he does it from really far away I would refrain from pressing buttons, point blank you should always be able to beat his next move unless it’s a dp. Timing seems to be your issue after the mixer. Try it in practice mode and get a feel for when the block stun ends and it’ll be easier to deal with.

Dixies options are probably the safest, but if you really want a crush counter you’ll have to work for it.

When blocking a EX mixer you can walk under him and st.HK for the crush counter. It sets up the timing for you, if you walk just right. Worst comes to worst you can just CC him in the air and follow up with rose/super or both for crazy damage.