I feel stronger in SSF4

Hi there,
I’ve stopped playing SF4 for a few months and went back for SSF4 today. I’ve looked through a lot of threads here about the various changes to the characters, but oviously it will take time to settle a new “tier list” of some sort.

However, I do feel stronger with Dan, even though I don’t master his new ultra yet. I don’t know much about frame data and everything, but it seems that his normals are better, and some moves seem to be be more easily canceled into koryuken. I was wondering is this was a real change, or if it could be that I’m just having a refreshed approach to the game after a short interruption.

I did win a lot more than usual, but that might be because there are more noobs, with the game being new and all.

Most of you might think this is a pointless message but I’m just happy being awesome as Dan again :slight_smile:

I don’t feel underadvantaged as Dan in Super. I mean yeah, he still sucks, but at least he can fall back on something now. His Gadokens are a bit more useful now too. People back the fuck up now. His normals still feel the same, but he’s got a few tricks and people fear him when he has meter now. And that is all I could ever ask for, people jumping away from Dan.

Really? I don’t feel like his Gadoukens have changed at all, despite people saying they go further (liars). Things needed to be fixed and weren’t :frowning: essentially the only thing we got was Haoh Gadouken (woo!) and taunts that can “hit” (woo…).

So im not the only one snagging wins here. Its really weird, had i chosen any other character id probably lose. But my Juri/Seth/Cody are MILES above my Dan gameplay (not sayin much). I guess people just dont expect dan? I dunno.

How do you fight against a guy who’s taunting you a million times a second trying to enrage you to the point where you throw Shoryukens with charge characters? I throw rocks.

I noticed the same thing , I know some of the people I was beating from Vanilla so it wasnt a scrub thing , After analizing I realizeed Dan might just have decent matchups to a lot of the new guys which are popular , and also remember NO ONE but us crazy as fuck people us him seriously so people are not fully aware of the matchups with the new guys they are using .

dan is a fuckin beast in ssf4. fadc into ultra was pretty much the only thing he needed and he got it.

He needed a lot more than Haoh Gadouken and he got nothing else, not even hit-box fixes that were really warranted.

Don’t get me wrong, the ability to get good damage off an anti-air or invincible move is very nice but all it does is increase his damage potential, doesn’t smooth out some of his worse match-ups.

I’m guessing most of the difference is level of competition :stuck_out_tongue:

I pretty much agree with Sugami. Things feel a little better, but a lot of that is U2 and all the new stuff you can do with that. But his normals seem just as bad as before. Overall it’s still much easier to just pick a different char for ultimate chances of winning but I believe in the Saikyo path…

Lol true! At times it is irritating because people think I am trying to insult them and I have to let them know, im serious about this junk.

Do take note, part of the reason why Dan is stronger is because he didn’t get any noticeable damage nerfs compared to a lot of the cast. He can now FADC DP like a Ryu or Sagat can, and actually do damage that’s relatively COMPARABLE to them off the FADC. Ultra damage has been nerfed in general, which makes it less scary to jump in on the top tiers, and a lot of the really abuseable stuff the tops could use were toned down a bit.

Bottom line is, Dan not being nerfed and getting minor improvements helped his game. He still sucks, but he sucks less. :smiley:

Oh, and hi everyone - lurker here. Got into the Dan shenanigans once SSF4 was released. Xiahou Mao - it’s awesome watching both you and Sanford play Dan (though I find your Dan MUCH more entertaining).

I too feel a lot stronger and more confident using Dan in competitive play on Super Street Fighter IV, he seems to have secretly gotten stronger in between now and the first game.

I assume this is because the other characters that were considered low-tier in the first Street Fighter IV were gimped in Super (with some exceptions) and Dan did not receive any significant changes aside from Ultra II.

Because he did not change much in terms of damage and everyone else did, he actually got better. The downside to this is that he also did not improve much else, which still makes him one of the worst characters in Super Street Fighter IV.

I don’t really use him as much as I used to, but Dan definitely feels like a more solid character in the IV series, with Super being his most powerful incarnation to date.

in reality, we just become better players using dan. every matchup dan is at a disadvantage thus forcing dan players to outplay opponents.

I sit just me or is EX Danku a bit more forgiving, that is to say that the second two hits whiff less frequently.

You’d be pretty unlucky for EX Dankuu to not fully hit in the first place, I doubt they’ve fiddled with :confused:

I get this feeling too - my Juri/Cammy skills are miles above my Dan, but as soon as you switch to Dan everyone seems to almost… take it easy?

They leave themselves open in idiotic ways, and all of a sudden I’ve managed to cross up and take out half their bar in a few ex kicks or something simple.

Also, As soon as I play dan, I get defensive, I run, taunt, counter. They always fall for it - they hate the Dan-Ass-Slap.