I feel Vega is a very weak character



A common theme among the lower tier characters is the lack of sufficient aa and a reversal to use on wakeup. Additionally, a common theme among all top tier characters is some sort of solid AA/wakeup reversal (there’s a few exceptions there)


Lot of people have already felt this from when the game first came out.

Even if someone like C.Viper gets him in the corner she can do really basic stuff like just walk up to him and hit c.LP and there’s not a whole lot he can do. Which normally her c.LP’s aren’t that good for lockdown. I’m sure Balrog pretty much instantly wins the round if he gets Vega in the corner.

I mean I know Capcom didn’t wanna bring back HyouBal Vega tactics but…damn.


The dictator is top tier and he has crap for AA.

I think you need to work on your own skills rather then dog a character in the game, like you are. Any character can win, it really comes down to how good the player is. I do just fine with claw, yeah he is a little busted but I’ve adapted just fine. Maybe it’s because I started playing Street Fighter around 1991. I started playing competitive in 2001 and have played since then.

I feel SF4 is balanced well.


Dictator is top tier because his corner-trapping game is ridiculous - his scissor kick spam and devils reverse make up for his poor AA.

There is absolutely nothing about my skills that makes up for Vega’s piss poor wake-up game and AA - one can simply hope their opponent makes more mistakes and you have to play perfectly.

If you want to say I should just play more perfectly and ‘never get into a situation where those things hurt me’ fine but that’s a bit utopic.

And I’ve been playing SF2 since 1991 as well - I agree that the game is very well balanced but when you start getting into upper level play there are imbalances that will really hurt.


k just please dont make a thread called “I feel E.honda is a very weak character”



I can understand your frustration and nothing is more annoying than feeling like you only won because your opponent made mistakes (Then again, I find one of Vega’s strengths to be getting people to make mistakes, but that isn’t the point). But your mindset has me wondering why you don’t just cut out all the BS and learn to play Sagat at a high level? I mean, your attitude is that at an upper level you can’t win with a lower tiered character like Vega unless your opponent makes mistakes. But if you buy into the tiers that much, wouldn’t that mean that at an upper level you’ll never beat any Sagats unless they make mistakes, being that he is the best character (Not factoring in counter picks)?

Sounds to me like you just want a less challenging character. Nothing wrong with that. Why go over the mountain when you can go around it, right? :wink:


No way - I could handle Vega’s lower stamina, annoyance of losing claw/mask, and weak damage if his flip kick actually worked as AA and could be used as a wake-up move against jump ins.


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Vega just need time that all. I’m taking to work with at the moment. He’s bad, but there a little bit of awesomeness in Vega. All he needs is la little love. Love the man in the mask.


I’m honored to play as Claw, regardless if I win or lose. I used to hate fighting Blanka, but lately I thought it was pretty fun because of the challenge.

As for Honda, I never had problem beating him.


This is a bad thing? Claw can win playing offensively.

I hit people with LK scarlet terror all the time. It just depends on the range and when you throw it. You have to use it early that’s for sure.

Wrong, if someone is playing like an idiot and jumping in over and over. Jump early beat out there jump in. They will most likely be throwing deep moves anyway. Or just air throw.

Learn more of his mixup game with Cosmic heal cross overs. Maybe learn more throw mixup also.

All characters can be grabbed out of pokes. It happens to me even if I play the boxer.

wait and back flip, throw or wall jump. The best thing to do is to get out of the corner asap. Normally I just block attacks and get out

I don’t think is damage out put is to horrible. His pokes, combos, and throws add up damage quickly.

Please switch Honda is awesome. I’ll keep an eye out for your QQ I don’t know what to do vs turtles thread.

Sad when you make a thread and you know… the flames are coming. That alone should tell you something.

You asked for it :sad:


I do play offensively.

It doesn’t work on wake-up; it gets stuffed handily. You’re basically saying that you have to psychic it because otherwise you get stuffed or trade. That’s really stupid for an AA move.

I should have clarified that I meant jumpins on knockdown - you will get stuffed if you try to air throw that - also if you try to reaction jump and air throw you’ll get stuffed alot of the time, I’ve only had good success with air throw if they’re being predictable and we jump at the same time.

What does this have to do with the ridiculous annoyance of constantly losing mask and claw, which just add an obnoxious weakness to a character that is already weak?

All of that stuff is very risky and easily stuffed. In fact there’s a thread about this where a lot of other Vega players discuss this very thing, it’s just one of my points I brought up because being cornered is often an easy win for scrubtards who you’ve otherwise crushed throughout the match.

And this is where you get thrown if they’re decent players.

What are you talking about? His damage output is numerically bad - saying “this stuff adds up nicely” is kinda silly when the math is there to prove this statement wrong.

I like Honda a lot, but he also has a lot of the same problems that Vega has - plus the problem with turtles.

Also as Vega at least you have a chance against Sagat, whereas with Honda that’s just gg.

It’s the internet. People lurk like assassins just to score a burn and say “lol l2play noob” anytime someone complains, whether it’s valid or not.


Well good luck man, I hope you figure things out. :china:


Uhh, Vega does the SAME damage for his normals as everyone else.

The only part where he lacks damage is the Special Moves Department.

Vega shined in his normals, not his specials.

Though I suppose the massive nerfs to both his normals and his specials hurt pretty bad. I expected they would improve the specials, but they nerfed them.


What? Vega? Claw? Not the Ryu section then.



To each they’re own I guess, good luck with Honda TC


Okay Merkicus, we GET it. He’s not the best. He’s probably one of the worst. I’m sure most of us accepted that, and decided to live with that fact, while still managing to win. All I hear from you is “Vega sucks because ___” everywhere you go.
I tried being understanding, I really did. Said my farewell, told you to have fun, etc. I haven’t said a negative thing to you once yet, but now it feels like you’re doing this on purpose to make sure it’s burned into our brains and we all decide not to main Vega. It seems like you try to throw at us the same points over and over.
You’ve said the same things in numerous threads, you made an entirely new thread with all of your points, and then went on to repeat these points at least three times in the same thread. WE GET IT! OKAY???
That’s why we adjusted out play style, and added an extra layer of mind games into the mix. If a LITTLE thinking ahead is what you consider being “psychic”, then maybe this game isn’t for you. I mean, you JUST went to Honda, and you’re ALREADY complaining about it without actually learning how to use him well?! This clearly shows how little determination you REALLY have to be good at the game.
You think I picked Twelve in 3s because he was the best? I picked him because he was different, fun, and I was determined to make him win. Now I’m determined to make Vega win. I know he’s not the best. I know it’s an uphill. battle That’s the path I have chosen. Using such determination, I got to a point where now I can fight Blanka mainers, and only lose 2 matches out of 8, even though he is considered his hardest matchup.

Goodness. Sorry if I came off really harsh, but I am getting flustered with all of this nonsense.
Have a good time with whoever you decide to main.
Tata~ ^_^)/


This is hilarious. Maybe this all should have went in the “Claw pisses people off” thread lol.

It’s almost annoying to read in the vega threads, i’m pretty sure were here to discuss strategy, match ups, and overall vega game play. Not whine about his flaws. Vega is all about speed, quick thinking and reactions, patience, and outsmarting/confusing your opponent.

If this is too much to handle, try Dead or Alive. :lame:


Sorry, that’s not my intention - I’m really just hoping to discuss the actual flaws I’m observing (maybe others notice the exact same problems, maybe others have figured out a counter).

I went into training mode and had a ken dummy jump in at me over and over through the record/playback feature, and then tried using a focus attack to stuff the jump-in - I don’t know if that actually works in real play though.

It’s frustrating to have retards beat me because a) they stick me in a corner and spam crap because we have no reversal b) spam jump-in/crossup because our AA doesn’t work unless we psychic it (rather than use it on reaction as we should be able to)


If newbs are beating you online, try to play more patient. Poke more (s. rh, s. fp., s. mp, c. lp, c. mp, cosmic heel and sweep), wait for mistakes (like the wake up or random dp, wait on the jump ins because most of the time they always jump and air throw or out poke.

When you get in the corner try like I’ve said before jump off the wall to get out.

The above always works for me against newbs. The only way a random newb beats me online doing dumb crap, is if it’s really lagging.

Stop bitching about people who keep jumping in. It’s not a problem… air throw, back flip, scarlet terror if the spacing is right, jump and out poke, try blocking and teching throws. Any idiot who jumps over and over on me I just wait and air throw over and over and over till they stop. Then I go back to poking the shit out of them.