I Figured It Out!

Donna Troy. Dead. Now? Revived. Why?
Robin. Dead. Now? Revived. Why??
SF4. Dead. Now> Revived. WHY??

Because of Superboy Prime, that’s why. Superboy prime went apeshit and fucking punched reality until SF4 came into existence. May god have mercy on us all.

right you are. LOL

add Bucky. Dead. Now> Revived.

Not to mention a playable version of ST:HD out of nowhere, after not so much as a complete screenshot.

adam warlock:

you, sir, are a genius. it all makes sense now.

The anti-continuity punch continues to echo into the depths of all the multiverse.

I hope Lindsey Lohan’s next. Crisis hit that bitch HARD.

Superboy-Prime Anti-Continuity Punch Wave?

Why can’t that asshole punch things OUT of existence. Like the new live action Street Fighter movie. We don’t need a new one. SPAC that shit down!!! That’s going to be my new battlecry.

I hope he can punch a MvC3 into existence.

haha we need pre-crisis lohan back…ya know…the one wit the nice titties.

Um, good for you? :rofl:

Sorry about locking this but I just can’t sit here and read what will eventually become a wishlist thread for anything and everything thanks to Superboy Prime making reality his bitch… If the thread would of stuck to comics, fine but it’s about everything now… Ah the best intentions… :looney: