I figured now would be a perfect time to join SRK


I’ve been a lurker for a long time, and I figured I would join up now because I went to Evo to spectate, and I decided I wanted to compete next year, even though I know I’m going to get bodied. And plus I thought of an awesome avatar with inspiration from the Infiltraion/Tokido match. Let me know what you guys think of it, hahaha.


On that note, is Sagat a good character to start learning SFIV? I know he’s used a lot, I’m not quite sure if he’s a good starting point though. I’m guessing yes just because he has fireballs and dp. and tk. he seems pretty solid.


You can learn the game with anyone.
The thread belongs in the newbie dojo section too I believe.
To get an idea of what your character can do.
Learn how to crouch DP(shortcut motion dp)

I don’t get the hee hee
lmao o wait air fireballs lmao



oh shit my bad. i just saw AE and clicked on it.


Not really your fault.

They put the word “Saikyo” in the title of that forum, which ironically makes it so that you have to be familiar with Street Fighter to realize that that is the forum for people who aren’t yet familiar with Street Fighter.


would you mind explaining to me the reference? im sorry i dont know haha


Dan Hibiki (the joke character of Street Fighter) practices Saikyo martial arts, a rip-off of Ryu and Ken’s Ansatsuken style.


oh okay, didn’t know that was the name of his style. I thought it was the same as ryu/ken/gouken/etc. because they have the same move set pretty much. so wait, does that mean that dan’s dad was taught by the same person as gouken and akuma? or someone along those lines?


Use Birdie