I Finally Did It!

I RC jumped.

DUDE, I thought i was the only one who figured that out. Definitely one of the most effective moves in the game. I find it hard to do with Eagle though.

You RC’d what?

jump…I did it right through Yamazaki’s guillitine, and was able to land and begin attacking right away, I’m not sure if it can be done with small jumps yet. If so the possiblities would endless of course… yea I did find Eagle’s jump RC to be a bit harder, as well as some of the smaller characters like Nakaruru and Athena. Must be some kind of frame issue.

should i bust out my neg stick?!

April hasn’t begun yet?

edit: dup accounts much? stop having conversations with yourself…

Somehow…I don’t believe you.

I shouldn’t flame either but you can NOT rc jump. PERIOD! I don’t know what your sources are coming from but it’s not possible.

This is just a guess but I think he’s talking about jump cancelling. Not RC jump. Jump cancelling is basically what it sounds like - Cancelling the first few frames of a jump into a special, which gives that special off the ground treatment. So you can’t be thrown through the special.

I tried it for a while and could never get it down.

It could be useful against grappler mixup in the corner hey?

OP is just being an idiot. next infraction gets all of his accounts banned