I finally found my game


I’m pretty new to the genre and for past few months I wasn’t able to find a game that really clicked with me. So when my friend got his copy of Dead or Alive 5 I figured I would try it and to my surprise I finally found my fighting game. I love the way everything flows in that game. I’m even thinking of buying the Hori fighting stick. Anyway just wanted to get that out there. It it really fun trying to get a handle on it’s gameplay systems.


I’m proud of you


Congrats? Did you have a question you wanted to ask, or did you just want to share?


im sorry thats the game that clicked with you :sad:


Hey, I’d trade ten “Tell me what game everyone else is playing so I can start playing that game too” threads for one “I found a game that I actually like playing” thread.

I’m still not a DOA fan but if thats the game you like, then thats the game you should be playing.


I’ll raise the ante and trade in ten more “which character should I play? I’d like a character who is blah blah blah blah blah” threads.


I like Black Jack.


Good on you. We need a bigger DOA community as it is. Still don’t see how this warrants a thread, but oh well.

Anyway, if you wanna play with a few other DOA enthusiasts, go check out the matchmaking thread I made:

Also, for the most part it seems, DOA is pretty much hated here. If you ever decide you wanna get into it seriously I’d go check out FreeStepDodge some time.

Good luck, hope you’ll keep coming back to this game! :rofl:


Boobs make me uncomfortable so I’m going to make fun of your choice of video game.


The pancake butts in the DOA series make me even more uncomfortable.


In the future, please save this sort of post for your blog.