I finally got rom down! + the "little" things

like the topic says i finally got down the rom but i didnt make this topic just to say this because i know full well nobody gives a damn.

i madet his topic for people to tell the “little” things about big combos. it is usually the little things that people overlook when learning something new and usually these little things are the thin lines between making a combo really easy to do and making it impossibly hard.

ill start out with what i learned.

i dont claim to have discovered this first, im pretty sure there are thousands of people who already know this but i am just posting it on the boards so the people who dont know dont have to go through what i did.


as everyone knows there are 2 methods used in romming, the slide method and the claw method. the claw method is easy to learn but hard to master. sometimes it is easy to push the buttons at the exact same time (which causes the lk to not come out) or push the hp slightly before the others which ruins the whole rom. the slide method may seem easier at first but if you combine these two methods it will be easier than either one.

slide user vs claw user

have you ever asked why you must slide down to the lk in order for it to combo and why it doesnt combo if you remove your finger from the pp and then push the lk? its because you must have both fingers on the pp the whole time for it to combo! the buttons are just like the stick. if you push down front punch by individually pushing down and front (and not sliding it) the move wont execute. if you take your fingers off the PP buttons then the buttons return to neutral automatically breaking the combo. if you use the slide method then your fingers are on the PP up to the very last second. if you take your fingers off the PP the rom WILL NOT COMBO NO MATTER HOW FAST YOU PUSH THE LK.

so how do you combine this with the claw method? simply push PP with your fingers but DO NOT LET GO of it when you push the lk. you dont have to push the LK at the exact same moment you push pp to make it combo! simply hold down the PP to rom with ease.

for example:

after launch set up


this should solve ANY problem anybody has using the claw method. KEEP THE FIRST PP HELD DOWN UNTIL THE FIRST HIT!

on biggies

the most commonly used rom variation on bigges is

lk lk ad/df lk lp lk

as everyone already knows, the hardest part of the rom is the (ad/df lk). to people just learning (and even to some seasoned players) switching from lk to lp CAN be disastrous. so im posting this “easier” method

once again i dont claim to be the first to use this cuz im 99.9% sure im not

instead of doing lk lk ad/df do this

lk LP lk ad/df lk lk

you keep the SECOND PART of the rom the same instead of the first part. the hardest part of the rom doesnt change so this method should be alot easier.

to those of you who read this: i know i have alot of grammer mistakes in what i jus wrote here but who cares. its the internet.

if anyone has any other little nifty tricks for other characters please post them

thank you for your time

You don’t need to hold down PP while you hit the d.lk, it’s just that you slow down too much if you take off your fingers.

The analogy about the fireball is flawed because it’s down, down-forward, forward not down, forward.

Glad you can do it now, though.

if you hold down PP it gives you more time to push lk. if you let go then you must push lk so fast that it seems like your pushing pp and lk at the same time

The game doesn’t care if you hold PP or release it before you press d+lk - the hit stun doesn’t shorten or lengthen.

really? is it cuz the ps 2 version is bad?

also, can you use an assist if you use the switch trick? i can do it on the ps 2 version but not the DC version.

You might be on to something. Sometimes when I switch and hold d+lk+assist at the start of training mode on DC the assist doesn’t come out. But it usually works in arcade mode.

IIRC the assist button can’t be switch buffered. Only attack buttons, and directions. You have to press the assist button at start-up still.

No, you can definitely switch buffer it on the arcade cabs and in arcade mode.

dood, you don’t need to hold down the PP for it to work. and its not going to give you a longer time to perform the lk. and everythign you’ve said has already been posted.