I finally need a new avatar (neroiscariot and AsianDemon get in here)


I need my usual avatar. neroiscariot and AsianDemon both of you are needed for this.

You know the deal take my chibi Cable (attached) and the picture of my wife Fernanda (http://www.napkinfolk.com/hot/003.jpg). Now I want you to do your usual thing and put those two pictures in there airbrush it and tech it. Use the color blue this time instead of purple, and have my name on it “SA.M” (without the quotations). Try to make Fernanda’s face nice and clear. Make it as good if not better than the current one you gave me.

After the avatar is done, I want you to take it and make it flash like you usually do.

Thats it. I will wait as long as you guys want me to so it comes out perfect. You guys never disappoint me.




im confused but… heh…

anyways… ill be waiting for the avatar to be done but i dont think he’ll see this thread… i saw it bearly…

oh yeah… i remember about your old request from me…


heh saw my name and u brought me out of hiding, k bro ill do it


ok thanks neroiscariot.


ok i already see one thing i fucked up on in this one (the name)…BUT i want u to tell me if this style is ok or do you want me to go back and do brushing and tech?

i kinda like this personally, but if u want me to i can do one with brush and tech, i was just trying to give u somethin new



Fernanda is fucking fishfaced.






Stick with discription that I gave, because this av. is completely off from what I said. Plus :eek: where is Fernanda. I need something better than the avatar I already have to make me replace it. So stick with discription it is in the first post.






sorry sam ive had a bunch of requests for tags in the past week, but your new av…to the specifics you want will be up sometime late tonight…sorry for making u wait man


why are you apologizing?


It’s all good take your time. I was just wanting to see how far along you are.


lol i dunno, but when i used to ask for avs i was pissed when bums didnt make them promptly

also i havent done tech for awhile so bweare…gotta see if i still have it


we are doing something for free, that we don’t even have to do. fuck being submissive, they get their request when they get their request. otherwise you get taken advantage of.


If you want you can lay off the tech.


Since the other thread was locked I am posting here instead. neroiscariot I just saved the last avatar you made me a while ago and also the one you made me in this thread. I will be rocking them soon. So I’m just going to go back and forth between all the avatars you made me.
Thanks for all the avatars.