I find it difficult to link Yang's combos

I went in the Training Room yesterday and I kept trying to do crouching light kick x3 into heavy slashes but it just wasn’t happening. I used to play Yun and his combo strings were not this difficult. I also have a hard time pulling off Yang’s slashes consistently like sometimes I can only get one or two of them out and it’s not always three.

Also, I’d like to know strategies behind Yang, because I don’t know much about his playstyle but I know Yun is rushdown and constant pressure.

Plink cr.lk with lp. Cancel to slashes must be done quickly. Make sure you complete the qcf’s. As for strats, watch nemo vids.

Thanks for the tip, but I have trouble plinking correctly. I know how it’s done but I can’t seem to execute it every time I try. I also still can’t link the third crouching light kick into heavy slashes.

its called practice. Sometimes things dont happen 30 minutes in training mode. Have patience and keep grinding it will eventually become more natural.

this. yangs links are a bit more tighter than his bro so you’re gonna have to put in a tad more time with him.

What is plinking? im new here so im still trying to get use to these terms


Basically you hit a punch or a kick, then you hit the one right below it (so if you first hit hard then hit medium, first hit medium hit small) right after. If you do it correctly you get 2 inputs for the price of one basically because the game will read it like


Do it too fast (hit them at the same time) and you will just get


Do it too slow and you will get


So basically if you plink correctly then you will turn 1 frame links into 2 framers and 2 framers into 4 framers etc. You get an extra input for those really tight links.

thank you, though i guess i can’t do this since i use a controller.

A 2 frame link becomes a 3 frame link.

Yangs cr. lk x3 into slashes gives me trouble as well. Do I do the slashes after he pulls his leg back? Or do I do the slashes as fast as possible after the 3rd hit? Thank you! =D

You cancel the third kick into the slash. It must be done fast. Just gotta practice it. At first, I could get it like 30% of the time. Now im like 85% successful with it.

I find doing 3x cr short and then a st short into slashes, like ojisan boy, a bit easier to do. It’s not easier frame data wise but having a different input before the slashes seems to help. Also adding tat last st short adds a bit more dmg

Try not going neutral in-between the cr. Short and first rekka. When you’re holding the stick down for the last cr. Short go to down/forward then to forward+fierce in one motion.