I find some moves hard to pull off

I main T. Hawk, it’s not like a suck with him. I have 5000 BP. Whenever I try to do moves other than condor dive it looks like I’m humping the ground and punching the air (sometimes I pull them off though) I guarantee if the moves came out when I wanted them too, I would be much better. Is the arcade stick more helpful, because I use the PS3 controller >_>

Arcade stick can be helpful for a grappler-player and the game in general. But before you go out and spend a couple Benjamins, try this simple method: tune your accuracy by going into training mode. Seriously it helps, just keep throwing the same move until you have it. The trick with the throw moves is that it’s not a full 360, it’s a 270. This means that to do a forward tomahawk throw it’s back, down back, down, down forward, forward, up forward p. There should be some more shortcuts, check the wiki. Also, another trick with his throws is to tick into them. Basically this is is doing one or a few quick normal attacks while the opponent blocks, then using a throw or command throw while they are in blockstun. Choose moves that are fast and give you a big frame advantage (more time to react than your opponent because they end faster) and with a lot of block stun inflicted upon the opponent when ticking.

P.S. There is a user here named RagingstormX who is a T. Hawk player in ST. Give him a buzz, he’ll be able to help you.

Your execution is poor, you need to practice, plain and simple.

Also just so you know, BP/PP is not a measure of how good of a player you are. Not around here anyway.

Practice your execution thats all… points mean nothing, most good players I know don’t even play ranked anyone can beat anyone with a 1 game format.

I didn’t make this thread to get into an argument about BP >_> So you guys are basically saying the more BP you have, the worse you are at the game? I’m pretty sure I’m not a bad player, considering I win more than I lose. But besides that… what is the cheapest arcade stick to buy?

No one’s saying that. They’re saying that you shouldn’t even care what your BP is. Just play.

Online lag can cause you to drop inputs, but if you really are having trouble executing a move then go to the training room and keep practicing until you get it down on both sides.

get a joystick

personally I understand what these guys are saying about bp/pp. bp is easily grindable and is imho in no conceivable way an indicator of skill. pp is slightly better since its not grindable but its still online and single game format, and if you mess around a lot you can easily kill your total. As for sticks, get a madcatz SE if you’re not sure you want to go stick and just mod it later when you fall in love with it (thats what I did).

I like going into endless battle rooms with 0bp/0pp and destroying everybody in there that only plays online =]

Before you make any rash decisions, read the joystick faq on top

They’re not saying that, they’re saying that BP is grindable as you do not lose BP for losing ranked matches, only PP. A god awful player winning 1 in 50 matches could eventually get 5000 BP.

But anyways, a stick in general makes this much easier in the long term, however in the short term it makes things VERY frustrating if you’re really used to pad. If you’re a patient person, I recommend stick.

i hav one question regarding this thread, not regardng online features… what’s the difference between the input for akuma’s [EX]goshoryuken and the fierce punch forward “Ashura Senkuu”

ex moves are 2 buttons, not three

An ex move uses two button inputs for the motion. Ashura Senkuu teleport uses all three punch buttons. To do ex goshoryu, just do srk motion with any 2 punch button. Hope this helps.

ok thx. i’ll give it a try