I fix machine gaming lounge

So as you guys may know I’m doing a gaming center in my shop which is now located in 2116 bath ave Brooklyn NY 11214 that is being call “I Fix Machine” I always had that name for 5 years already and next month will be 6 years now.
I have been planning this place for about at least 2 years now and I finally got everything going so far plan out. I’m still going to be fixing computers and servicing them and also fixing the arcade machines that i’m building and putting together using PC parts. NYC VF crew are also coming by the shop to set up shop and stream! Jose cruz will be helping me with this as well and getting the games up in there working and being use for play. I will not fix joysticks but if anyone wants to do business in fixing them are always welcome in my shop to start one. I also have a lot of respect for Henry from next level and want to keep the community alive with fighting games and also arcades from back in the days in which I grew up on.I’m trying my best to program and also get these games up and running with the help of Jose cruz! but next year will be a little different in my shop.
If any community want to play at my shop and set up a stream then you are welcome! if this gets better then I’ll have more custom build arcade machine with it’s own fighting game! with brand new hardware! The cost to play all day is $10 dollars! $2 for 30mins
1 Hour gaming is $4 2 hour is $7 Hourly mean ID to hold! we will also having controllers to rent which is $3 bucks. But bring your own fighting joystick!
the reason why is because these systems cost money! I mean a lot! i’m over here putting in a lot of work in trying to make this look good! It also took me some time to get this place legit! gaming nights are still in talks! But I know Saturday and Friday will be from 12pm to 11pm! My hours for fixing computers are from 10:30am to 8pm!
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So Jan the 9 is the opening day for the games! which falls on a Saturday I will be open

bring your own controller! it’s only $10 dollars to play the whole day! lets go! A VF cab will be there as well! if it gets there if not play with the systems we have now! games I got now is

Virtua Fighter 5 FS On xbox 360! which will be stream By cruz and Tech boy! Gonna be in cab soon! By jan 9!

Dead or Alive 5 Last stand PC/360!
Tekken 6 360
The King of Fighters XIII Xbox 360/PC
Mortal Kombat X PC Only! it’s in cab with it’s own joystick!
Skullgirls 2nd Encore PC/Xbox 360 Maybe for 360!
Soulcalibur HD Xbox 360
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift PC
Street Fighter II Turbo - Hyper Fighting xbox 360!/PC
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike PC/360/ps3
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 PC/360
Guilty Gear X2 #Reload PC/With own joystick
GUILTY GEAR Xrd -SIGN- ps3/PC/with own joystick
Mortal Kombat Collections PC/Xbox 360
Street fighter x tekken 360/PC
Mortal kombat 9 360/PC
injustice gods among us PC/360
Persona 4 arena ultimax 360
Marvel vs Capcom 2 360/ps3
Marvel Vs Capcom 360/PC
tekken 5 dark resurrection ps3
dengeki bunko fighting climax ps3
darkstalkers resurrection xbox 360
darkstalkers collections PC! with own joystick
dead or alive 5 ultimate xbox 360
soul calibur 2 HD ps3

and old school fighting games and more!
4 players games to Just dance!
Super smash bro for the wii u is here! maybe with own cab and people can plug and play. Bring own controllers
Killer instinct for xbox one! season 1 and 2! bring own Controllers

Wii U with smash is up!
Xbox one this week for KI maybe MK and other fighting games this is plug your own stick! this might have it’s own cab
Ps4 is up! with MK 10 and sf5 pre order!

plus PC has it’s own built in Controllers

This place is still a work in progress but little by little everything will be on cab

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Gonna place the link up top for the gaming events that will happen! sorry about that! you guys can also making events at the shop as well.
This is new so check us out!