I found a local arcade warehouse... holy crap

So there’s this place in town that I’ve passed several times in my years living here, and I’ve always noticed arcade cabinets in the window. Recently though, the garage doors have been open on occasion, and I can see the machines inside. I decided to stop by the other day, and got to talk to one of the owners. He gave me a tour, and holy shit, it was like stepping back into the 80’s or 90’s. Two Mortal Kombat machines resting agaisnt the door, a few MsPacman and Galaga machines, freaking Hang-On and SpyHunter. They had Neo Turf Masters, and my friend told me he saw a damn Neo-Geo machine. There were a bunch of old pinball machines (Terminator 2 stood out the most), and I’m sure there’s probably a Street fighter in there some where. Pretty much, they rent out the machines to local businesses, and repair them too. I need to talk to the man who owns the machines themselves, but I might be getting an arcade cabinet if I play my cards right. I’ll try and get you guys some pictures next time I go.

Awesome! Where at in NC?

That’s dope. Maybe you ran into Lizard Licks. HAHA.

Any chance of finding a spare astro city control panel bezel?

Good stuff, when I hear things like this I always think of this picture

wow thats a sick pic. are they actually breaking the machines?

That sounds awesome. I got a somewhat similar feeling when my dad told me about a friend’s relative that had a bunch stored in a barn outside town (yeah, I know). Went to check it out, and there were a bunch of old Galaxian, Asteroids, Mario VS, and some Konami 4-player (TMNT or Simpsons perhaps?) cabinet, among others. Really wish I had been as into arcade gaming then as I am now. All I did then was take an old Empire City 1931 cabinet (which turned out to be a refitted Defender) and gut it for a MAME cab (though unlike others, I did replace the monitor with a tri-sync arcade monitor, none of that TV/PC monitor shit). Someone else got the rest apparently. Of course, now that I have an Astro City and am collecting PCBs, I really wish I had taken more machines or at the very least, the PCBs in them. Oh well, such is life.

That’s effing awesome, dude. Are you thinking American cab or Japanese?

If they are, I’m going to cry. :frowning:

Based on the pic, it looks like most are knock off candy cabs being destroyed.
Most likely because they were gambling machines.

I’ve been waiting to ask this, and I figure this is an alright place to ask.

If I could get my hands on an Arcade Cabinet, how do you mod them to play your favorite game/games? I’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find any guides or any explanation of how people get their Astro City cabs and the like to use MAME, or dedicated games. So how is it done?

PS: Amazing find there man!