I found some tourney match vids online

so i posted them , there are 8 parts here is the first one the rest u can just click on username and get hte rest


its a 5 on 5 tournement canada vs america

You mean the T6 5-on-5? Better version non-YouTube-ized here.

YouTube sucks.

  • yeah… YouTube sux… and Preppy, you rock man!!..

lol i tried going on zachd.com but there were no videos up and i dont know how to use that direct connect thing to the hub

There’s 150 gigabytes of videos up right now. There’s a list of links on the left, the What’s New list, and the What’s Good list that has everything.

So: not sure where you went wrong, but … might want to retry this level. It’s not as hard/confusing as you thought it was.

I’ve stopped doing the hub for now. I think most people have: it had pretty much turned into leech-fest. My site literally has everything I have up already. The hub would be pointless anyways.


Probably going to take some time to answer but which are usually the more popular and favorite videos to watch???