I found the most dameging combo EVA!11



C-groove Rock:
opponent in corner, qcb+HK, 360+P, PPP (hold), laser, d.HK xx level 2 raging storm --> whiff qcf+k --> far s.HP xx level 1 raging storm. (8889 damage)

Yes, I found this combo from somewhere else. I did not make this combo up myself. But I’m going to pretend I’m Puerto Rican today and say I did. Ohhh!!! :eek:


Instead of far s.hp, sweep again, 9030 damage. I love that combo.

A-groove rock:
opponent in corner, qcb+HK, 360+P, PPP (hold), laser, lp rising tackle x4–>level 1 raging storm

Alot of damage.


ya i think it works in S, even stronger scince i can do a level 3 and then the level1


Better C-groove combo:

J. HK, cr. lk, cr. lp, cr. mk, lvl.2 shine knuckle xx lvl.1 raging storm.

9345 damage I think…


Far Stand fierce is his most damaging normal


Hmm, that wierd, cause the sweep instead makes the combo do 9030 instead of kcxj’s 8889.


directed accordingly

ACTUALLY, far stand fierce & far stand roundhouse = same van dammage… diffference is that u cant combo after the roundhouse…

AND about this combo… u should put MOST DAMAGING C-GROOVE COMBO cuz i can go into cinco digits in n-groove
also include the character vs. & its groove to duplicate under same circumstance…

oh yea, why dont u do 2 far s.fierce?

edit: how many hits?


More damage on ducking tall fatty:

Crossup HK, c.LP, s.HKxxlvl2 shine knucklexxlvl1shine knuckle_lvl1 raging storm (Tekken terminology anyone? :slight_smile: )


Mine may not be all that but I think it’s still got style

Jumping deep HK, crouching HP, Neo Deadly Rave, after HK, Rising Tackle with HK