I found this baby in a chinese store

Look at this, it plays like a dream in TMNT: Tournament Fighters for SNES. It cost like 4 bucks and the storekeeper said that he could have a pair more in the backstore but will check it tomorrow.

What impresses the most is: HORI USA? Also works for SNES, GEN, and sega CD with a split cable. And the stick has NO PUSHBUTTONS AT ALL! Its all like the jelly black rubber that contain the snes, genesis, psx pads but in bigger versions so you wont hear the clicks. Sometimes the diagonales are a bit tough to hold but it can be maybe cuz im not accustomed to ball top jap sticks.

Few pics:

Its da shit in TMNT TF! :lovin:

That’s awesome, a Hori stick for genesis, Super Nintendo and sega CD! I wonder if it’s moddable… Show some pictures of the guts.

BTW, thread title had me confused for a minute… :slight_smile:

HA HA. That’s awesome.

This clearly made my day. :tup:

Yeah, when I read the thread title I started thinking “Wow, the Chinese adoption agencies are getting lazy”.


So when they say HEAVY WEIGHT, how heavy is it? looks pretty damn sturdy in the pics.

It looks cool, btw nice bed sheets, mine are a little similar, lol.

Def take a picture of that thing working, and insides if you can! Great find!

LOL plz don bad rep me for that!

And yes I will post some pics of the guts tomorrow and weight him. (still it looks like im talking about a chinese baby lol…pls mods change the name of the thread… or keep it for fun!)

The GUTS of the baby!!: LOL


Hori nostalgia, I like it!

was expecting an actual baby…

LOL everybody says that!

Nice find…are you gona mod it?

No babies?

Nah I dont think so. It works very well aside from the diagonals problems but I think that I only need to get accustomed toball top. I only use bat top.

LOL no!

Lol, I thought I was going to see some random baby left at the back of the store in the refrigerated foods section or something.

Nice find though :wgrin:

[Enter Napoleon Dynamite] “Lucky.” :tup:

who’s teh mommy?

congratz daddy!

that’s a cute baby! :tup:

Damn i really wish i still had a nintendo