I found this game, looking for a name on it

Was playing this at Arcade UFO, anyone know what this thing is called? Here’s a video of me and a friend playing it, I don’t have any pictures.


It’s this coin game where when you match certain numbers together you get a bigger number, and then you match them to make 1000, at which point they disappear. And you get points. I’m not sure how it works completely, but it was really fun and I’m looking to find it.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, just figured it would go in “other games” and not “general”.

I’m 99% sure that’s Money Puzzle Exchanger…

That is definitely Money Puzzle Exchanger/Money Idol Exchanger.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I knew you guys wouldn’t fail me. I tried googling, everything, I just couldn’t get anything on it anywhere. Thanks alot guys.