I found this lying around in the trash 5 blocks from my place... worth restoring?

I found this today abandoned close to my home, a local player gave me the tip, and I took it with a friend to my apt. parking lot. Is restoring this somehow worth the effort? If so, what would be the steps to follow?

Thanks in advance!

It appears to be structurally sound, so yes.

The most basic thing you’ll need to do is strip off most of the paint and rust. I doubt you’ll get an actual arcade board setup running in it (you could with a bit of work). But it wont be too hard to mount a correctly sized monitor and arcade panel in it. It looks like its Astro/Blast city sized but your best bet is to just find someone with a table saw and cut a new top panel out of wood. Various places can sell you replacement doors if you want them, but thats where I would put the PC you’re going to be running MAME on. You’ll probably have to install a table of some sort inside it to support an LED monitor, I normally strongly push people to install real CRTs in their cabs, but I wouldn’t trust this one with the weight of a CRT on those (extremely worn) mounting boars things. It’s also clearly missing its original faceplate, you can just make one by measuring and cutting one out of MDF. You’ll probably want to have two pieces of MDF for the faceplate, one for the top and one on the bottom, with the monitor placed in between them, but if you have a smaller monitor you could also just have it be one large piece with a hole for the monitor cut out from the middle.

But yeah, as long as it doesn’t have a roach infestation or serious rust damage I cant see in the photo, its totally restorable.

How much would all this cost? Because it sounds like a lot of stuff that would be barely cheaper than buying a working candy cab, which can be bought in the $300 range around here. Not that I have the money for it though…

Depends on how much stuff you have on hand. If you can do the sanding and rust cleaning yourself that will obviously save you cash. You’ll still need to paint it somehow, easy way is with careful layers of Krylon, best way would be with an airbrush/compressor. If you can use a table or circular saw the particle board for the new faceplate is cheap.

The money is in installing the actual stick and mame/arcade setup. The stick part will run you less than two hundred if you build it all yourself, more if you buy a prebuilt astro city panel from someone like Sanwa.

If you already have sticks and the like then you can mount, say, a PS3 in the body, a monitor or CRT TV inside with the console hooked up and then just use your already existing TE’s or whatever and just turn where the control panel is supposed to be into a table to set your sticks. Its worth it to fix it up probably, if not just because a similar kit from Kray or somewhere is about $500.

As long as you clean the rust out it wont decay further. So what your basically looking at a project that will produce a cool looking entertainment center.

Daaamn, man! Your city must have the coolest garbages ever!!!

If you want to do this, you need to look at it from a project perspective, do you want to fix something up?
Yeah you can go out and buy a candy cab from wherever, and thats not a horrible option, neither is this if you think it would be fun to restore it.

I don’t see how you could get a nice looking cab out of it cheaper than just buying one. Not worth it imo, unless you’re really into the restoration process.

If you have the storage space, just put it aside and get to it over time. Making it your main priority even with low funds, it’s gunna be a waste.

But either way, that’s some awesome trash!

that’s godlike man. I’d get the rust off and paint it, then do the spendy stuff later, over time, etc. seems like a fun project if you take your time with it.

that sounds like an expensive repair… I would use it as a planter in my back yard… cheaper mod…

your bike tire looks flat…

It can be restored, looks like something I could work on, Id say work on it piece by piece because its going to cost you, start by cleaning and striping paint etc.

if you know your wiring or know someone who does they could get it up and running


It’s a knockoff and not an authentic Sega, Taito, SNK, etc. namebrand “candy cabinet”. Unless they so-happened to make it so close of a knockoff that it can use authentic parts, you’re gonna have a tough time finding parts for it I believe, unless you feel like fabricating your own.

Well, as a DIYer I’d go for the restoration. What worries me is that the side panels seem warped and the amount of rust on the front lower panel.

Still, you’d need a lot of patience, use your free time and have a minimum of skill, tools and/or willing to get both.

I’m willing to get the tools and acquire the skill, I have some wiring knowledge (I wire/multimod my own sticks), and a friend that is an enthusiast of arcades has precisely a Big Century panel (precisely the missing part) lying around that he’s willing to donate. I’m really bad at manual, craft stuff… but having a project to focus on could certainly help me in many aspects of my life. The bottom of the front is not rusted, what it has is red floor wax. I’m p.sure that some parts will have to be remade, and will need tons of paint/varnish for this (a big part of the cab is made of wood, don’t know if all of those are like that or it’s because this one is a chinese knockoff). The acrylic that protects the screen is missing, for example, I’ll have to do it again. The internal part doesn’t sound too terrible… I wonder if an Evo Monitor somehow fits in here? Or I’ve been told that I can actually buy the CRT monitor that goes in here, shouldn’t be that expensive. I can get a computer to run a cool frontend and emulate stuff, and get maybe sanwa/seimitsu parts as donations, my main concern is the cab “frame” (sorry, don’t know much about this and don’t know how to call it).

Well… how do I begin? This might be the beginning of something really exciting. Should I provide more detailed pics of something particular, or what? I want to do this, but to be organized, I want to go step by step, and I’ll try to provide pics of each step. Ordering big stuff from places is out of question, as I’m too far away from anywhere that counts (Chile, South America).

@Kuya_Joe it’s my sister’s bike, not mine :stuck_out_tongue:

if you wanna get that thing white again than may i suggest retrobrite. I am gonna use this on an HSS-0130 that i gots.

I remember hearing about retrobrite when I was looking to restore a yellowed SNES, I’ll certainly consider it.

Its like being an old man working on old beat up cars. Good luck yo

Retrobright works but is fairly dangerous (in comparison to just repainting it) and it comes from a standpoint that you want a large Vewlix style cab in the color “printer tan”.

Well… first things first. How should I begin? There are 2 plastic side panels that cover the wood at the sides, they probably need sanding? One was actually off the cab, had to grab it from a dumpster that was besides the cab, and it’s obviously missing the screws. As I said, I really don’t know where to begin from, and guiding would be much appreciated.