I fried the pcb in a Mad Catz SE stick while doing the dual mod

What’s the cheapest way to get back to full functionality? I need the 4 X lights to light up properly, Guide to work, turbo preferably to work, etc.

If anyone is going to help they’ll need some pictures. I feel like it’ll be a long-shot getting what you want without getting a whole new PCB.

Eh? Everything was wired up properly (I know this because it’s the same as another job I did which worked). Anyway, I confirmed that it doesn’t work because I ran the USB cable back to the 360 PCB alone and it still doesn’t work. Yes, I left the +5V and ground hooked up to the Cthulu.

And I know I will probably need a new PCB, question is which PCB can I get away with while getting everything to work properly.


Any ideas?