I get destroyed in tournaments even after eliminating weaknesses. Online trainer wanted

Every time I enter a tournament I lose in round one. I had trouble using a stick, so I practiced every day until I got used to it. Then I entered a tournament and lost in round one because I lost execution and couldn’t do good combos anymore. So I relearned the combos I could previously do plus some new ones and entered another tournament. I was sure I’d at least make it past round one this time, then the tournament started and I realized I don’t have the matchup knowledge against the characters/players I was fighting. I feel like after I learn the matchups I’ll still get obliterated for some other reason.

I can’t travel, but I need someone to train me over Xbox Live and tell me everything else I need to work on. It’s starting to get frustrating.

GT: DgtlSamurai KOF
Main game SSFIV AE 2012.

Thanks in advance.

Go here for all your matchmaking purposes.


If you’re losing this early in a tournament, you haven’t eliminated any sort of weakness, so I’m not sure why you put that in the title. If you lost execution and started dropping combos, it either means you’re nervous due to the tournament environment, or you haven’t cemented your execution into your muscle memory as well as it should be. Further time spent in training mode and live matches are needed.

Realize that for the majority of the time, you’re not doing combos, so don’t put so much focus into your combos and instead focus on the basics of defense, footsies, anti-airs, maintaining safe offensive pressure, reading momentum, zoning, and both matchup knowledge and game engine knowledge.

If you feel like you learned the matchup, then you should know why you lost the match. If you have no idea why you lost the match, then you don’t know the matchup properly. This is because if it’s assumed that you know the matchup, then the only reason you failed is due to poor execution of your gameplan. You should take a second and really analyze why you lost your tourney matches, otherwise you won’t know where you need to improve, and so you will never end up improving.

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Combos in SFIV aren’t that important unless you’re playing a character like Sakura or Seth. Remember, you’re playing against another person in a tournament. Combos and stuff like that are just execution things that you do by yourself, you’re not interacting with other players or reading their movements.

A character is more than their combos. How often will you really get the perfect opportunity for that jump-in to land that 300+ damage combo? Learn other aspects of the character. The two most important are pokes and anti-airs. Learn which button to press when your opponent is full screen, mid screen, point blank, jumping, etc.

I didn’t mean to sound like I was emphasizing combos that much. What I was trying to say, was that I worked on my execution of everything. I think my problem is my matchups, but I don’t think that’s my only problem. I’ll go to eltrouble’s link to find matches and hopefully a trainer. Thanks for the replies and help.