I get more hate mail with blanka than any other chr lol

im more of a sagat and dan guy but is blanka really that cheap? im not good at combos but i dont really just ball spam like i seen some blankas do! i like to sneak lightnings in and toss and do some of those hop tricks too hehe.

The opponent everyone loves to hate.

nah, Blanka is not cheap. he’s sneaky and fun. people just don"t like getting pwned without the use of huge combo strings. as a matter of fact i think every single character is cheap in their own way, but vertical balls and lightning shutting down cross-ups (some players only game) will for the most part, make them angry. way i figure it, the more hate you receive, the better you are. so balls to the walls.

I actually got my first hatemail (started playing the PC version last week) today from a Gouken. I think it is pretty much what you said about getting owned without combo strings. This guy was a combo machine, but was very predictable and I made him pay >:D

Go play Fuerte online, youll get much more hatemail that way.

Got this more in vanilla to be honest lol this is back when I played bare scrubby with blanka :shake:

Dont really get any hatemail just good stuff and people asking to put the fight on my utube when they beat me looooooool which never happens…

Got accused of turbo but the replay option solves all the accusations

i just get kicked out of thel obby if i use blanka, so i have to pick other characters al ot of the time. i preferred it when it was just hatemail

Try playing Vega and winning consistently, i get hate every time i play saying i runaway, am cheap, scrub, i bore them, etc the funny bit is that if i am a scrub should you the opponent win special from ryu player they want me to stand still why they punch me. I will start using my signature for the latest hate mail names.
I know my play-style can be annoying and that is the point

I never get hate mail :shake:

Me either.