I get really frustrated and nervous when I play, and when I lose I get pissed. help?


This is more of a question that doesn’t pertain to the game itself.

I start to get kind of nervous (?) when I play. I get really heated up and my blood starts to warm up and I get shaky and my hands start to get sweaty and clammy. And when I keep on getting hit to a cheap move or something I get really pissed and scream a lot. And when It’s a lop-sided match and I lose I get really angry, to the point where I could probably tear my hair out if I wanted to.

Street Fighter is the only game where I get like this, I really need help. Is this with other people to? I am thinking about seeing a doctor or something, I can’t play the game like this, because every night I lose my voice from screaming, and I already broke one controller, (would never throw my arcade stick).

I am a very calm person outside of street fighter, I don’t know whats wrong with me.


You’re definitely going to get the “it’s just a game” talk and “just have fun thing” but I know where you’re coming from.

Getting angry is normal and may or may not be part of who you are. I get mad too. Just celebrate it because bottling it up isn’t going to do any good. Lost a round? Swear or something. Cuntnuggets. Bitch ass tits fuck. Swear but don’t swear at the other guy. Get it out of your system. Letting anger out at regular intervals is fine. You’re not being salty about it, you’re just letting out your knee jerk reaction. Hell, you can give your stick a little smack if it’s sturdy, it’s built to last after all.

You also got to reevaluate how you look at the game. How much do you actually like the game? Don’t force yourself to like it if you really don’t. Chances are, it’s still more good than bad considering you’re willing to invest some time into it.


Hahaha, that’s hilarious! :slight_smile: Maybe a “doctor” is not a bad idea. Or just learn to chill out on your own. It’s only a game. You probably are too concerned with being the best, so every time you get beat it drives you crazy. Lots of people are going to be better than you. You’re never gonna be better than Daigo and even he gets beaten sometimes. Just accept the loss and life goes on.


just block more


You’re just inexperienced. You probably know your character’s normals, combos, super (in the sense that you can perform the inputs correctly at a high percentage rate), but you don’t know when to use them. This is why you feel nervous before matches.

I main Ken in HDR and I’m damn good with him. However, whenever I pick Ryu, I can’t seem to buy a win. I get nervous when I use him because, while I know the basic game plan from playing Ken, (zone with fireballs, anti-air with Dragon Punches, etc.) I can’t put it all together. I really can’t dictate the flow on offense, and I can’t counter when on defense.

This is a symptom of not “seeing it all”; you haven’t experienced every combo, special or super arising from every possible situation (cross-up, meaty, overhead, etc.) so you really don’t know how to react to them.

I’ve been there with Ken too, but, over time, feelings of apprehension disappear as you gain more confidence in your abilities to execute (to DP an overhead instead of just blocking high, for example) and, more importantly, you gain more confidence in your ability to apply your knowledge (trusting that that DP will come out and beat the overhead clean) to the point where you don’t even process information - you just do it.


just keep in mind that losing your cool means losing the match.


This. Really, if you don’t want to lose and possibly make an ass out of yourself in the process just keep your cool. I usually get pissed off enough to throw shit around but I’m getting better. I’ve started chewing gum while I play and it’s really kept me in focus. I know that if I start going ape shit I run the chance of biting the inside of my mouth and everybody knows how much that sucks…

  1. Smoke some weed
  2. Block more
  3. Pick Dudley

Not really in that order…But when I lose I usually take it as something I need to learn off of. I’m still bad so I lose alot but I don’t really get mad. I guess I’m different then.


Well, I don’t think that’s really funny. Sure, everybody gets frustrated once and a while, but I personally think a line is crossed when stuff is broken or when you lose your voice from screaming every night.
I will spare you some pseudo-psychological analysis from here, but maybe you should consider some counselling or anger management class to find out why you react like this?!

Basically Street Fighter puts you in a one-on-one pressure situation, something that you can usually avoid/get out of in real life, so you don’t have to be an aggressive person to react like you do. But it still might be worth for you to work on this one way or another, be it just for the fun of playing offline with other people without completely embarassing yourself.


I used to experience the same problem as the OP when I started playing FGs. Realize that getting angry just makes a bad problem worse. When you’re pissed off that you dropped a link or whiffed your super, it makes it very hard to properly concentrate on the match. Try to keep a cool head when things don’t work out as planned. Take a step back, analyze what happened, and devise a solution. Focus solely on improving and correcting your flaws, and soon you’ll be so wrapped up in trying the mentally breakdown the match that you won’t even care about losing, but instead figuring out why you lost. This will not only help curb your anger, but also make you a better player.


I can’t believe there are sympathizers in this thread. You all have a serious problem. I hope I avoid you guys on the road.


Well, when I started out online, I got mad nervous, like I was fighting in a tournament. I hadn’t had much actual “competition” against people I didn’t know before that. I had the same thing. Increased heart rate, sweaty palms, etc. I was never in my right mind at all. It was kind of neat. It’s not an environment where you think to check yourself and keep your cool. I’d start cursing unde my breath when something would go wrong and sweating up a storm. I must have looked like some kind of masturbation addict in the middle of jerkin’ his gerkin’

Over time, I got over it. It’s just something you get used to. I don’t get that jolt of nervousness anymore, and I’m much less effected when competing face-to-face with someone in real life.

Short version: Keep at it. Calm down. Take deep breaths. Don’t get mad. There’s no reason to get mad. It’s just a dood on the other end.


But that dood is like a total ***, man.


You should play at more meetups. Won’t be hard to keep your rage in check when the guy you’re playing is right next to you.


Learn to win.


What I do when I get raging is shake my fist and growl. I make a joke out of it and curse a little and then everything’s alright. It’s not about bottling the anger up or letting it out, it’s about letting it roll off you and chalking everything up to a learning experience. When you become skilled enough to win, you won’t be mad, and every loss is just another step to getting that skill. Don’t worry about it, just keep playing and you’ll learn to deal with rage correctly.


quit playing street fighter and GET ON DA DANCE FLOOR


Its just a vidoegame. Relax and have fun is my best advice.


Boogie… boogie… BOOGIE FEVER.

Also if you’re throwing shit around then you’re not a good player. Either grow up, quit the game or get good.

Only shit players get that salty.


Simply horrible. Hella bitchmade. Just learn to relax, or go do something else with your time.