I give up.... *Edit: turns out I didn't give up*




nyoro~n :3


No you ain’t…


Might be more your speed.

Wait a minute, I just remember you were that one who ragequitted on me an hour ago.



Mags: Sun chips

Dan: Fritos



Sheng Long claims another victim.


man fritos are like, if u havent had em in awhile you really want some, but then you eat a few and youre sick of em


It’s the solid equivalent of salt water. If you find yourself in the middle of the desert with only a bag of fritos, then someone upstairs must not like you.


You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.


potato chips w/ avocado oil

someday i will look back proudly, knowing i was the one who started this bandwagon



I LOVE the smell of estrogen in the forum.


You are doing it wrong!!

You simply play until you don’t want anymore… and if there’s a day you don’t want to play? Start up the game, do a few moves and combos so your body doesn’t forget, finished. Even if that only takes 2 minutes to do.

Forcing yourself into something were you haven’t actually anything to gain is foolish.

I mean, if you are payed for playing, that is something different. But then you will also have a FAR better motivation, since those hours mean money. Unless you play to become pro, there is no sense in straining yourself. You will only be let down… oh wait, you already are.

Protip: a few months break, don’t touch that game. Than play fopr fun.

Second protip: Yay, I came second to last. There is someone worse than me!! A friend of mine never understood that attitude but for me, that rings true. If I am better than the worst player on my and the opposing team, that’s already great with me. Don’t mind that suddenly, a month later, I suddenly could win matches in Urban Terror :lovin
As for Super Turbo, don’t strain yourself. You probably are not proficient enough with your character yet to actually analyze matchups. And then… after enough games, you just know which characters you have a hard time against, even if it’s not in line with the official ranking.

Relax and just play, it’s a game of fun and skills. Not a killing yourself. :china:


and the reason why i should keep going is…


What’s the reason you played in the first place?


when i decided to get into ST, i wanted to compete seriously. This was something i thought i could get into, and try to prefect like so many others out there. frustration is all that this is. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets frustrated at times like these


Not that I care about your SF problems or anything, but this thread is the perfect outlet for my story:

One night, while I was indulging myself in my nightly activities (DL porn from clip4sale.com), I fell asleep and had this dream that I was playing SF4 with Justin Wong at this arcade. I was Cammy(Weird, i know), and Justin was some other lame character.
The strange thing about it was that I was linking Cammy’s supers from her normals like it was nothing.
I don’t even know if you could do that with her once the game comes out, but I was linking supers from left and right. I would just dance around the screen, hit him with 2 s.lps, then SUPER.

I looked over at Justin, and that nigga looked pissed. I was like:“Yeaeeeaaah. SUPER MOVES ALL DAY NYGUH!” and he’s all like: “FUCK DIS SHIIEET!”

It was then my cell-phone rung and woke me up. It was my ex. Pretty much downhill from there.

But seriously, stay in the aracdes. You’ll learn alot and have all fun as well. You’re problem is that you take it too seriously. Like it’s Homework for you or something. Relax, go to arcade and just play. You’ll pick up everything there as you go. Just chill.


You don’t play on GGPO? Shit, I soaked up that well dry when it dropped and I started getting good enough to place in ST.

That, or you’re not playing the right games that your scene is playing. You live in Illinois. That’s pretty much GG land. You can get good at that.


Dude, there’s a shitload of times where I felt I should stop playing. I felt like I was never going to be a good player, I still aint. My “inferiority complex” always got the best of me. But I’m still here.

As corny as it sounds, if you really want to be good just keep practicing and be as good as you can be. You will lose, so don’t get mad if you do. Take it as a learning experience, homie. Ask experts for advice and work hard if you want to win the tourneys you train for. If you do quit, go ahead. One less person…


Well, if you’re the one who ragequit on me earlier- I’ll tell you why you lost.

You were predictable as hell, so it’s easy to figure out what you want to do.

If something isn’t working, try something different at least once.


Not to sound like an ass, But who gives a shit if your quiting? You had to come on here and make a thread about you quitting? If your going to quit just fucking quit and quit by yourself. No need to waste forum space with nonsense such as this thread.