I give up.... *Edit: turns out I didn't give up*


LMAO!!! :tup: couple of reason’s why I’m still playing

  1. Positive feedback and advise from people here

  2. Get on your level so i can at least put up a fight against your cammy… lol


This here is truth.

Consider also, as I’m sure you’ve already read in this here thread, that some of these fine folks have been playing this game for a DECADE OR MORE. On top of that, they’re naturally skilled gamers. You can’t expect to compete on that level right off the bat, regardless of intent. It’s not going to happen.

I’m a complete and total scrub, but I realized something that might help you out a bit: every time I end up in a match with one of the SRK big boys, I lose badly. But I also learn something. I might learn to avoid blocking low all the time, or that you can pull off a fierce SRK on wakeup with Ken, or that I need to work on my Honda game versus Guile. But I learn. Trash talk and flaming are inevitable on the internet, or on Xbox live or PSN, but it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just noise: completely irrelevant bullshit. Ignore it and watch how they play, and don’t worry if you ‘lose’. If you don’t lose, you don’t learn. End of story.

If you keep it up, and just have fun with it, you’ll get there. Anything that you do for fun will lose it’s charm if you work at it like it’s a job.


The majority of this topic makes Ryu frown.


Yeah play BB, that’s a sweet game.


Play a different game. I don’t like ST so I don’t waste my time on it. Just because something’s popular with a lot of people doesn’t mean it’s right for you.


Learn how to be Cheap. Learn How to cheese.

If you are not being cheesy… you are not playing the game right.

Play Top-tiers and X-copy.


It’s just the nature of the game. I know this thread is kinda old, but lemme try and give some input. I quit Brawl because I think of it as one of the shittiest “fighter” games of all time. As a longtime Melee fanboy I wanted to find a new series to get into.

That is when I remembered I use to love playing MvC2 at my friends house years ago, So, I needed to find a fighting game which was similar. That is when ST:HD was came out and I creamed myself.

So, I’ve been noticing the learning curve is way up there even though it looks simply at first. I’ve been having fun just learning and I try to find the exact reasons why I lose. Sometimes I blame it on my inability to perform specials consistently. Sometimes I miss my third hadouken and mess up what I tried to do. Except the only person I can blame is myself since I have to become better, until it’s second nature and I’m playing like a goddamn lifeless robot.

So, basically what I’m saying is I know the road ahead is one with many losses, but the best thing to do is ride out the bad times and enjoy your small amounts of wins. My opinion may not have the same authority as others who have experience, but I think I am on the right track…maybe :wink:

I’ve even been playing Melty Blood: AC for a few months and I suck majorly at that as well.


Might as well kill yourself.


I’ll drop my Korean wisdom on this thread.

Frustration, losing, anger, wanting to quit, these are all part of the game of competition.
If you compete, you have to deal with these feelings sooner or later.

Even the world’s greatest MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko has lost a Sambo match, a sport in which hes supposed to be king. Justin Wong has lost in the games nobodys supposed to beat him at.

“Yeah but Jin they’re champs and they win a whole lot which probably makes them feel good!”

Okay, Ill use myself as an example then, I haven’t won a tournament in fucking forever, I haven’t even come close to winning a tournament in a long time. I consistently place anywhere from 5th to 13th in Guilty Gear tournaments, the game I’ve played the longest, I get next to dead last in 3rd Strike if I enter, and I lost to Mammation in HnK which is like if you lose to him in anything its one of the pre reqs to killing yourself. Luckily I’ve never lost to Luigi Bo in anything so I can keep my life. (<3 mammation, <3 luigibo)

So why the fuck do I keep playing? Shouldn’t I just give up and fucking quit? Why? Its because I have something that can’t be explained by numbers and facts. Its called Passion. Many gamers have it. It varies on different levels. People who make video games have Passion for making them and will basically work for free to develop a game, while some asshole publisher makes all the bank. People who play video games have a passion to keep playing them to live a different experience every time they play. People who compete in games have a passion because its something they love to do, because when they put their all in a match they get a feeling that can’t be described and that most people who don’t compete don’t understand and can never understand. No homo.

Yeah I mean I understand some people lose the passion and the hunger to compete, and if you do ever lose that spark, you really should quit because its obviously no longer fun for you.

Also speaking of Luigi Bo, slevin you should totally learn a lesson from that guy. Brother from another mother places like last in everything and he still competes, mother fucker has the hunger.

also all in all you’re very important to the tournament scene, without you, the winners would have a smaller pot! and mid level players wouldn’t have a buffer to push them up the bracket for free wins to appear like they’ve placed well!


Looking back at this thread…

I laugh…

And I didn’t give up… :tup:

How mean you people were to me…LOL


But since you didn’t quit, being mean clearly worked!


[media=youtube]ip1zsUIosoA[/media] !!!


Better suited for this thread.


Ever since I heard this on American Dad, I always think of the refrain when someone mentions giving up :rofl:



Getting frustrated is the worse thing you can do in these games. Because if you get frustrated then you goto into the next round pissed off and then you can’t think about what your opponents next move is. What I’ve noticed is that when taking a beating, I just chill out and remember it’s a just a game. that way you stay level headed and you learn much more from a loss when your in a normal state then when your foaming at the mouth - mashing buttons like a mad man.


Quitting the game is not what you were supposed to do.
It was life.
Thats what you should have quit.


you’re still bad at games


And so are you :slight_smile:


As j1n said, it’s passion. I’ve been gaming for 30+ years and don’t picture myself exiting. Separated, three kids, with child support, and still play ST and CvS2.

Remember in the 80’s people received an Nes as a gift with Mario and Duck Hunt inside? That’s a great experience no gamer forgets.


I’m Thankful