I got 43 wins today at my local arcade! (for cvs2)

yup, you heard right… i got 43 wins today at the arcade in my university… what i didn’t expect while trying to blow 20 minutes waiting for my bus home… was that i’d sit there for 3 hours from 3-6… ON ONE CREDIT

i’m not saying i’m good
i’m not saying i beat anyone good (although i had a hard time with many of the matches)

but holy fuck… 43 wins… that’s the most i’ve EVER gotten in cvs2… and is it just me or are the matches ridiculously LONG!!! i think i coulda gotten 60+ wins in marvel in that time at LEAST!!!

and while i was kinda sad that i lost to a top player in my area who showed up in the last 30 minutes of my reign of “terror” hahaha, it was actually a pretty fun time

anyways, sorry for making this stupid thread but so now i am curious…

what’s like the most number of wins some of you people have ever gotten? in a row, in an arcade… or overall scores at home. against top players, against scrubs… anything memorable to remember and share?

i know i’ve gotten like over 99 wins at marvel and i don’t think THAT even took three hours… and aside from being stuck to ONE TEAM for the whole 3 hours… it was pretty damn fun

and my team if anyone is curious was A-vega/rolento/r2blanka

tao, you are natural when it comes to street fighter. longest i’ve ever got was prolly 16 with a rolento, sak, bison then everyone left.

I hate to say this but…that’s a damn there unbeatable team, Tao. No wonder you didn’t lose to later. But, good stuff nonetheless.

i was at my local vietnamese fob mall with broken ass controls and cvs2 on a bust a groove cabinet (wtf i didnt even know there was an arcade bust a groove game @ the time) when a kid probably around 5 years old challenged me like 30 times. during those 30 games random scrubs would come by and play me 1 or 2 games and then get embarassed about losing so bad. grand total of the afternoon was 52 wins. all time personal record :slight_smile:

oh and that little kid finally did beat me off the machine. kid had spirit, WOULD NOT TAKE A LOSS AND KEPT TRYING TO WIN. thats pretty damn respectable.

oh yeah and damage on the machine was on max. raged crouching fierce = like half your life bar hahahaha

good shit winning legitamately spidertao

I remember Jaguarandine got 100+ wins on tekken 5:pray:

That may be true, but my win streak in cvs2 remains 1 :sad:

My personal win streak was 19837127482829. Took me 4 weeks to keep it up.

lol damn no one went to the arcade today… not like last night

haha shin ace, do you use hibiki by any chance? i’m being stupid cuz i see her in your avatar…

mother fucking action jackson… how come every marvel player basically plays cvs2 now!!! even josh wong, and that guy fucking HATED cvs2 back in 2002

markudea: is it a really good team? i find my vega sucks against S groove… that long reach just eats dodges… and rolento doesn’t seem to do too well against RC bison… those knife jumps get eaten by jumping roundhouse. blanka is bomb though… well aside from cammy and bison, the team was awesome. destroyed every sak i faced awwwww yeah!!!

lol holy fuck 52 wins deus? that’s like… MASSIVE guy especially in cvs2 cuz the games are so damn long. anyone get past 99? does it just stay there forever? and do your fingers bleed at all? my left thumb used to get all fucking burnt or something when i first started playing marvel

lol at this jaguar tekken player. i entered a tekken tourney once cuz it was an extra $1 on my entry fee… i didn’t know ANYTHING except throw… once my opponent realized this… hahaha it was stupid

hail and kill… lol your record is impossible. i think if every human being played cvs2 on maz damage for 4 weeks there still wouldn’t be that many games that occurred

lolol i just replied to everyone who posted lol, which isn’t much… wierd i’m looking at like the bottom of the forum thingy and there’s like no more than 3 people on at once… kinda like northwest discussion and matchmaking hahaha

played a 100 match bout with my uncle in ST, i won 82-17. all 17 wins of his were me picking gief =/ 1 double KO.

I still can’t tell if this is some joke thread, because Tao seems somewhat serious at the same time too. I lose track when I play too long sometimes, but the longest streak I remember having last week at the arcade was five. C-Rolento, Ken, R2 Sagat playing against random A-top tier teams the ENTIRE night… :rolleyes: I took my friend off his twenty five game streak, but I think he might of let me win unfortunately, so it’s nothing to be proud about. I do remember LOSING ten matches in a row to my friend using A-Vega at one point, which wasn’t very fun, before being able to take a match back from him though. Thank goodness for free play right? :sweat:

Longest current streak at TGA arcade is currently thirty five wins belonging to “Nester” and there’s a heart drawn in red magic marker and Nestor isn’t even spelt correctly. :rofl: C-Vega, Honda, Blanka.

The longest streak I remember seeing was Combofriend (and whoever else was teaming with him) at like 112 wins at that Evo where Tokido and Ohunki played each other in the CvS2 grand finals. I didn’t even know the win counter went above 100 wins until that weekend. The next day was A-Yun, RC Iori, Cammy “Ken” being an asshole and hogging the machine for like 8 hours straight. I didn’t look at the win counter, but I know it was a lot and I don’t remember seeing him losing.

i saw ricky beat ONE GUY 100+ times in a row at 3s when the bearcade was still open. he did all 100+ games in front of the dood’s gf too.

and to this day…

i’m sure the other guy still thinks he’s better


haha wasn’t that the akuma player? I think I saw some of that streak if it was.

i once played my friend from around 12 am to 4 am and it was like a 100 matches between us lol.

you guys play hella fast…

wow. O_O

Nope, I’m Iori in the avatar. SoleEmu plays hibiki. She’s good, but I’m too lazy to learn how to use and abuse her.

Last semester at school, I was playing A-Honda, Eagle, 2-Rolento. I managed to get like 23 wins in a few hours, then had to go to class, and gave my game to a guy there. I came back from class 90 minutes later, and my streak was still going, into the 30’s (like 33 or so). I was surprised, the guy had no idea how to play my team, but he was good enough to x-copy my style and beat everyone else. I took back over, and got to like 42 or 43, when I finally lost. I think exhaustion set in at that point, lol.

lol i don’t understand how i would make a joke about this…?
i guess i shoulda taken a picture or something but there for some reason wasn’t a “continue in 9…8…7…6” thingy so i accidentally mashed my initials as AAA

hahaha i’ve done that giving your game to someone when you’re done and come back to see they’ve got hella wins

too bad like RIGHT after i come back, i ALWAYS lose for some stupid retarded reason, WITH MY OWN TEAM

i thought CvS2 wins didn’t go past 99, i’ve done this myself
(american PS2 version)

lol tao…heard that from you today, can’t believe i see ur post in this forum too @@ just in case ur wondering, i play at jzees too