I got 99 rocks But a knife ain't one( Sasaki Momochi Sitamachi etc. Cody Thread)

I’ve decided to make a Cody video thread since i have been following some of the top cody’s in the world with their outstanding performance even in hard matches they still manage to Survive. Anyone is free to post some sasaki momchi or sitamachi or other good cody´s out there.

Here is a playlist of Sasaki’s matches

Awesome match
Sasaki vs Mago(Sagat)

Momochi is the best cody in the world imo.

Sasaki’s the best Cody player, honestly. Momochi’s just a really strong player in general, so naturally his Cody is obscenely strong too.

subscribed. hey cody dudes :slight_smile:

tbh Sasaki has the best cody out there but i kinda find momochi and sasaki equal they both are damn good while momochi able to play a ton of characters at high lvl and playing overseas and winning momochi is overall a better player imo.

The Best Cody is FURANSU-JIN

im still a fan of sitamachi.

My two favorite cody players to watch are sasaki and momochi. I must say its really hard to tell whose the better cody between the two. I feel that Sasaki has more cody experience while momochi has better fundamentals so I often time lean towards momochi. This has to be my favorite momochi match


also heres a momochi playlist

Thanks for the momochi playlist i have been looking for one all the time.
I really find sasaki and momochi equal the only reason why i find sasaki entertaining is that he plays online ranked matches against alot of well known strong japanese online players who also are known in the arcade scene there.
With sasaki playing ranked match and uploading his replays gives us the matches to learn how to deal against certain characters and set ups certain combo’s that only work on a character and footsies O/S.
Mad respect for momochi tho he is damn slick with cody

The Battle of the lost friendship
Kiryu Tsukimiya(Guy) vs Sasaki(cody)

I’ll say it again, this is the best Cody, period:

Sweet jesus that corner set up at the end was thuglife.
Didn’t know they have ps3 in prison :stuck_out_tongue: dem ps3 cody’s post some more.

People are ranking him as the best cody over a gimmick? Doesn’t do optimal punish combos and doesn’t plink. His reset does less damage than a combo that ends with double dash f.hp, which allows you to choose wether you hit on the front or crossup depending on the normal used, all the while keeping you safe from a dp. He didn’t even expect the counter hit, since he didn’t go for cr.hp afterwards, but was only hoping the opponent would guard in the wrong direction (in which case he would be better off timing the s.hp meaty to prevent throws).

You’re judging a player based on a single match?

Furansujin has a pretty nifty Cody, I enjoy watching him play a lot. I’d rank Sasaki and Momochi above him though, skillwise.

A gimmick, one match ?!?!? are seriuos !?!? Look on the youtube for his matches, there aren’t many as he played on PSN. And anyway right now is playing only in the arcade cabinets and is the Cody with the highest percentage of win, something like 83%. Get the info before talking.

He was the best Cody during Super for sure.

When you say he’s the best cody and link a meaningless match where he did a cute gimmick that would never work twice against the same player, I assumed that’s where people were coming from.

I didn’t know i301927451258502158125890712 was Fransujin, but he’s nowhere near Momochi or Sasaki. I haven’t seen him play in a tournament at all, except that Chiba vs Nagoya event they did. Sasaki at least tried qualifiying for NSB.
All the other flaws I pointed are still valid. Execution isn’t everything, but if you’re not optimizing every aspect of your character (damage, in this case), you can’t be considered the “best” Cody. Also, he fishes for counter-hits with f.hk, cl.hp which is probably the slowest possible counter hit setup and I’m clueless how people would fall for it unless mistiming the wiff punish on the f.hk.

What’s the double dash thing you’re talking about? Is it a corner setup? I’m new so if it’s some common setup I probably don’t know about it. How do you do it?

He’s the highest ranked Cody player in japan. And crack kick followed by st.hp is godlike because most of the good/great player would go for a throw/late tec. Who are you, where are you ranked with Cody, because clearly your knowledge of the character is poor. DataMat, nice to meet you, 7th place ranked Cody in all Europe and 88th all over the world.

After any combo that ends in the corner with EX Ruffian, dash forward twice and jump foward. Against some characters it’s an unblockable, against others it hits on the front but you land on the back or it hits as as crossup (mostly if you used mk).

Pretty much any match of momochi he uses this.
2nd round of first fight

One match from me showing that even mediocre players can apply it:


You’re bringing BP rankings (which are purely grind based) to the discussion? I stated why I don’t think Fransujin is the best Cody, it’s not a personal assault or anything. Anyway there’s no point arguing over this.

We all know I have the best viper in the world Ò_ó… oh wrong topic.

in super he was surely the best. but I think momo has surpassed him now. tho, I think both play rather differently to begin with.