I got 99 rocks But a knife ain't one( Sasaki Momochi Sitamachi etc. Cody Thread)

Here’s another video for everyone to watch:

Does it have to be EX Ruffian and why is does it have such weird properties?

I agree with you.
But, you still have to respect Fransujin as he was Cody to follow before Sasaki/Momochi and a lot of things(he was the first to consistently hit CH cr.FP and FP for example) he did inspired a lot of us.

Yes. I suppose the knockdown time from the EX Ruffian is massive (or your recovery from it is really short) allowing for all types of shenanigans. Most cody setups involve EX Ruffian.

Has anyone seen Furansujin play recently? I mean, it’s cool arguing who has the best Cody but the only two names that come to people’s mouth are Sasaki and Momochi: those who we see most.

Now, I’ve always loved the way Furansujin plays, I think he makes sick reads and he is quickly able to adapt to his opponent’s play style. I’m not going to say that he is the best though, I wouldn’t know because I haven’t seen him play in ages.

But there aren’t only Momochi, Sasaki and Furansujin out there. Yonashi has a Cody with a 75% win rate and I think he plays in one of the toughest arcades. Mario is ranked 3rd with 70% win rate, but I have no idea where he plays.Where people play is also something you need to take into account. You can only judge someone based on their opponents and on their tournament performances.

So, what I really think everyone should do is to relax, enjoy and share the videos. Peace.

Who the hell is Mario?

I have no idea haha! But that’s the whole point of my argument.

OMG that is freakin’ dope! Does it cross up if you use Fierce or does it just look like it does? Either way that is pretty cool, I’m gonna have to mess around with that in training mode. Does it have to be EX ruffian? [Nevermind, I just read the other post]

Thanks for showing this to me, Cody is the best I’m liking him more and more every time I play him.

You can do it after a normal RK, just whiff a cr.lp before jumping.

there is an online ranking system for arcade in japan
Lol at number 7th Cody Jean Valjean


Dat comeback

What ever happend to kawagu111chi and uziwgp? They were both really good.

If anybody knows where I can see the Momochi/Daigo match from Topanga please post it. I’d gladly pay to see it if I knew Japanese but sadly I only speak English, Spanish, Laotian, Thai, German, Russian, and Klingon.

Take a look at HFX Topanga league thread. There’s a tutorial from Fubarduck for purchasing streams on nico: http://iplaywinner.com/news/2011/9/15/how-to-purchase-nico-nico-points-to-view-sbo-2011.html

Ohgeez I didn’t know it would cost $45 to watch the archives. Oh well, I might buy it later on down the line

Thanks BTW

I think you can buy on a per match or round basis, 8 bucks iirc.


Found a recent video of Momochi playing AE 2012 online with live commentary from him and chocoblanka while streaming; might be cooler if I understood japanese but the gameplay is nice.