I got a bad cut

So, i had a itch around my rectum, just a few hours ago and while i was scratching i noticed that i had some hair in anus that i was uncomfortable with. It wasn’t pubic bush hair but more like “eye lash” kind of hair… Allot of hairs had some length that was kinda disturbing me. Just in short, i just noticed that i had a fury anus.

So, i sat on the toilet and used my razor to shave around it. Accidentally, my ass slipped in the toilet bowl causing me to accidentally cut the area that is very close to the rectum. There was allot of blood and the cut was pretty sick… so i put alcohol on it and that shit burned like a Mother fucker. Seriously. The alcohol was that painful, it was like something with hot teeth was gnawing in my rectum and on the cut.

Now, it bleeds a couple of times but not as bad, the problem is the cut. I can’t sit right now. I’m currently standing as i am typing. I tried using a hand mirror to get a good look at the cut, and it’s like a huge knife sliced through near my anus. The problem is, i don’t know what to do. If i put a bandage on, then it’s certain that bandage is going to get yucky when it’s time for me to take a shit (i poop like about 5 times a day), but it’s extremely painful to sit or even walk with out a bandage. I don’t want to get an infection here.

What should i do?

Get some Gold Bond Triple Action Relief Lotion and rub it on your anus. Should help.

They don’t sell that here.

just pray for it to be healed instantly.

Looks like you’re… butthurt.

go get that ass stitched up

There’s a visine for that.

Prepare to look like this guy at least 5 times a day.

slowly slide a finger in2 ur butt.

You should ask in this thread…http://www.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=128067


I agree with this though. You should just get help, really.

This will fix you right up:


Ouch, sounds like a real pain in the arse but I guess shit happens.

If it’s really deep you may want to consider getting it checked out by a docter though.

I thought this thread was gonna be bad, but not this bad. Ew. >_<

Go cut the other side of your buttcheeks. Then your mutilated ass will at least be symmetrical.

Who shaves their own anus?

You need to get your shitting down to once a day somehow. Everynight, soak in a tub of epsom salt. I know that salt+open cut usually= pain. But that’s not the case with epsom salt. After your soak, use a q-tip and put some neosporin on the cut. If you can, get a bottle of with hazel. It will not only keep the cut clean, but it will also dry it out and stop it from bleeding so much. Your obviously going to have to try and not sit down to often and sleep only your stomach.

I had a cyst on my taint once from trying to shave. An ingrown hair caused it. Like any smart person, when I saw something wrong with my genitals, I went to the hospital right away. Those are the instructions the doctor gave me as well as some antibiotics. I’m sure you don’t need any drugs. But I followed this regimen and I was at 100% in about 3 days.

I thought this thread was about hair cuts. I had planned to share the story of how my grandmother sent me to school in the 7th grade with the most fucked up, incomplete haircut ever because the clippers broke mid-cut… but this… Fuck this shit. Some shit don’t need to be shared.

Go see a doctor or a shrink or a priest or something. The kind of help you need cannot be found on a message board.

Like hell it can’t. This is SRK. If you can’t find advice here, you can’t find it anywhere. We’ve heleped people deal with stray animals, get married and probably had a hand in murder. Can’t really be to sure since those threads are useless without pics. But yeah, there aint nothing we can’t not do.


There ya go.