I got a bad cut

Presumably someone who isn’t paranoid enough to check the toilet bowl for devices so doesn’t have to worry about shit but is kind of worried about people spying on him whilst he takes a slash I presume.:razzy:

Did you just tell this guy to see a priest with regards to a problem he is having with his asshole?

This can only be a win-win situation for the priest, that’s for sure.

Thats what they have clippers for, champ.

The cut is like an actual knife sliced around my rectum. Is it normal to have hairs near your anus?

Uh, yeah. Front to back, schtooper to pooper. Distribution depends on race.

This is what wives and gf’s are for.

Stop acting like it’s a vagina and go to your doctor.

If he asks what happened, tell him you were in a street brawl and some dude pulled a knife on you but you bum-rushed him anyway.

Oh shit

This thread did not disappoint :rofl:

So let me get this straight. I’m supposed to go to a doctor for the cut in my ass? I just go in and say: “hey doc, i have a cut near my anus”… and i just pull my pants down and let him examine it?

Fuck no. The best thing i’ve been doing is sticking ice up my ass to easy the pain, however the ice i have in the house is cone shaped so it kinda feels homoish which isn’t cool. You guys think having a cut up your ass is a simple thing to solve. I have to sit with to of my legs on the computer desk with my pelvis on the chair. It’s hard as hell. Cream doesn’t work either… it feels grows. There is still a bunch of hair around my anus that needs to be shaved also.

Some guy said here that the hairs on an ass depends on race. I know black guys have hard hair, how is that like?

haha…end thread

You could always dye the leftover hair green, apply some cream and pretend that your arse is the joker.

I can see it now…

Cisco: “Ya wanna know how I got these scars?”

Doctor: “No. No I do not.”



so you can cut their assholes!!! :angel:

obvious troll is obvious.

Oh yeah? Well I shit SEVEN times a day.

(Am I doing this right?)

shaving your anus is pretty homoish

Thread shoulda ended here. :lol:

Wonder how I missed this thread…

Anyway, don’t worry about it. Just keep the area as clean as you can by washing with water throughout the day. Sitz baths preferred. But being as this happened a couple days ago you should be markedly better, right?

Anal butter