I got a fightstick! Thanks everybody!


I’ve been looking for a specific stick but I’m not having much luck so I figured I’d just see if anyone had a good price on a stick for PC. Thank you for your time.


depending on a price and what your looking whats your budget range? if your looking to put together a stick @devastator is pretty legit at making Stick! his standard and mini cases are really nice and his price range for a Stick is pretty good! here is a link to what he has to offer


Thanks for the info. The cases look good but I’m looking to spend around $100. I don’t think there’s even a slight chance I could put together a fightstick with my budget unless I did the woodwork myself. I’m just looking for a Pc compatible Sanwa equipped fightstick that’s in good condition so I can get some practice in before Tekken 7 comes out.


thank you for the recommendation geni. i actually have a foe hammer case that i can load up for you if you’d like. i have some zd pcb’s and sanwa parts. pm me for pics. all i have to do is put a button layout/plexi on it.


PM sent.


PM sent


The Razer Atrox for Xbox 360 (PC Compatible) has been going on sale quite often on Amazon for $79.99, so just a heads up there.


Thank you for the information. I saw that price a while back but I didn’t pick one up when I had the chance. Do you think it will go on sale for that low again anytime soon?


It’s went down that low on two separate occasions within the last 6 or so months if I recall. Not crazy to assume it could happen again.