I got a question about a combo in CVS2

I got a file with a bunch of video showing some nice combos but I was wondering if it was done with an EX groove heres the link. http://www.combovideos.com/page.php?id=961

Look above the energy bar, it’ll say what groove they are using.

Rocket science it is not :stuck_out_tongue:

Nahh, it’s in A-Groove, you can do a lot more in A-Groove than you might think.

well then I need to practice.

MEM’s comboes are really hard and require a programmed pad. Don’t try to learn that akuma combo…it’s set at a lower speed than usual and uses the programmed pad. so don’t try it. Learn the regular comboes in the character sections.

ok but the combos in http://www.combovideos.com/page.php?id=836 how did they pull of a crouch fierce punch to a standing fierce and make it a 2 hit combo or when ryu does a crouch mp to a standing lp, hp how is that possible is programed to ?

The combos you mentioned are links and they require precise timing. You don’t need a programmed pad to do that.

Meaty c.HP gives you more frame advantage thus making it possible. It also works if the c.HP is a counterhit.

Again, those are links. c.MP to s.LP isn’t that hard but I think s.LP to s.HP is a 1-frame link.