I got a question about COMBOVIDEO releases

Supposadly all combovideos are suppose to be released in this thread.Right.

THE Combo Video thread (New Releases + Commentary)

Or youtube match/combovids Thread

Well I see threads by a hand full of creators,mostly mvc2,create there own thread.When some others post in The Combo Video Thread instead of making a thread.My question are the big names of combovideos allowed to create there own threads.Is it favortism?Or it’s pretty much a laid back rule?Because I would think if I made I combo vid and spent alot time on it I would want it to be seen to Right?I allows wonderd about that,because in some threads some where told toput there work in The Combo Video Thread.

nobody with grammar as bad as yours should be allowed to post threads at all

I thought you weren’t allowed to grammar-nazi someone else’s post unless they grammar-nazied somebody else’s post.

Usually if you get grandfathered in as one of the people who altered the course of combo video history forever (dj-b13, Magnetro, So-So Chef Chenanigans, myself when I get around to it) people will look the other way. Mostly because it’s something really of note and a lot of people don’t check the combovideo thread but would DEFINITELY want to see a new release from these people.

Also, vids like this garner quite a bit of discussion, which one would not want derailing the other threads.

So yes, it’s slight favoritism, but it’s earned.


1: A question about moderation should be PM’ed to the mods, not aired out.

2: I’ve already told the current violator to make his own thread. I’m about to do that for him since I asked nicely last time.

3: Most of the other threads get made then disappear, so it’s entirely their fault for making it separately when others watch the CV threads religiously.

Angry Mod EDIT: Like Thongboy said, some people get around this. But like I said, these people will end up just getting ONE thread, because it’s getting a little rediculous now.

TB, when you finally finish that 3S tut you’re getting a sticky.