I got a question about purchasing an arcade stick

My question is do I have to dual mod an arcade stick myself or is there a place to buy them where they are already dual modded? The reason why I am asking this is because I don’t know if the sticks from Madcatz, Hori etc. are already dual modded or console specific.

Arcade Sticks will never come Dual Modded unless from China (Qanba) or Korea (Joytron)
You will have to Dual Mod yourself or have someone else do it.

This is the only one, but the Joystick Lever and Buttons themselves are meh, from what I’ve heard.

That stick will work for all platforms, and you’re right, the stock parts are horrible. The Datel Arcade Pro, and Mayflashsticks will also work on all consoles and the PC, and they’re cheap! I play online on my PC, on Xbox 360 with my friends, and on the PS3 at bigger events. I NEEDED a multi-platform stick.

As far as I know, these sticks have the same PCB’s (the computer chip inside the stick), but carry different names. I was just like you one month ago, wonder what to buy, and I found the SF4 modding community to be eager to help, but not very good at guiding noobs. So, I bought three Datel sticks, Sanwa parts and used this tutorial and others to figure it out. Right now I have a stick on my lap (ya-ya very funny) that cost me 90$, Sanwa parts, good design, works for 360/PS3/PC. Buy the parts, sit down and tinker with it, you’ll figure it out.

Personally, I would never pay for a stick that works exclusively for PS3 or Xbox 360, when I can have one that works for all consoles. Good luck!