I got a request please

hey guyz…can i get an avatar with dudley giving psylocke a rose…and have it say I LOVE YOU SODAPOP and the date **2-21-05 **on it please…it really means a lot to me

here ya go dude, im sorta new to the ava scene so i tried this, hope you like it, peace

dude that is the shit…thanx man

dont mean to bother but can u give me the same thing but instead of dudley have ken or mangeto

Here ya go dude, I actually like this one better, np, peace -Lalo-

lol i like that one 2…dam ur good

hol up dude i did another one, the font on that one is a little sketchy

lol ok…dude for just gettin into the avy game…ur pretty good…have u tried animated ones yet??

Here ya go that one is better, the font is more clear, np dude, peace -Lalo-

thanx man…ur work is really bad ass

thanx man i appreciate it, and nah havent started ne thing animated yet, but i might try to pick it up soon though,peace -Lalo-