I got a room but no roommates

I’m booked at Caesers from the 7th-11th (my flight leaves that night) I don’t have a cap but ideally I want 3-4 other people. Casuals, money matches, clubs, restaurants, alcohol, shittalking whatever it’s all fair game just PM me if you’re interested in rooming with me (Preferably st/hdr addicts.) I’ll be bringing my ps3.

Pablo, Fishjie, Epidemic, Grog, PG, Val, Dios, Sanchez AKA PG AKA Sep, Thelo, Jayjay, Weeks, DGV, Rambo, and all the other chill people I’ve met in 07 n 09 hit me up sometime before evo.

Wakeup fireball all day!

Yea son I got a room that is full. Should have got at me a few months ago and we could worked something out. I’ll ask around.

I appreciate it hopefully someone in the Seattle is available.

I was talking with DR.B about your roomdeal drop either of us message!!!

How much would you be asking for?

I’m down. I’ll teach you how to srk on a stick.