I got my HRAP 3

Some pics below

Tried it playing VF5, GGXX: Slash and Third Strike, controls are solid:)

Probably the best stick for the PS3 out there now, don’t know about the Virtua Stick High Grade but it should be the same, except that this stick has more buttons and turbo features…

Oh rock on, doggie! I’m stoked to hear it handles PS2 games just fine.

EDIT: Sleep with it tonight.

where did you buy that?

does it also work on the ps2?

At a local store, sadly it doesn’t work for the PS2, only the PS3 because it uses a USB connection

I thought the HRAP3 wasn’t coming out until the 8th of February

Would you be willing to take shots of the guts?

HRAP3 is already shipping from Play-Asia!

Nice, thanks for the pics.

how’d you play slash?

Japanese PS3

what’s under the hood? Do the buttons use quick disconnects?

Damn, glad to see its out.

Im assuming since you played SF3 and Slash that it is working properly on PS2 games played on the PS3?

Have you tried plugging it into your PC yet?

Have you tried any PS1 games on the PS3 with the HRAP?

I guess this is only important to me, but to play games, PS2 or PS3 or PSOne, on the PS3 using that HRAP, do you have to press any buttons other than the main face buttons or start select? (I heard there was a ‘Home’ button that was required, but I wanted to find out on that particular stick)

I gotta do some digging to find a program that will give you the HID report descriptor from a USB device; I may be asking you to check something else as soon as I find one. Thanks for any help.

Wow that stick is HOTT

i think a mod deleted my original post, faggots

anyway the q was do you find the buttons are too close to the stick cos the hrap1 layout looks best

Beatiful stick, how much did you pay?

Does it work on the PC??? please cause am planning on getting this and the Virtua FIghter High Grade Stick cause they are both USB! and i only Play MAME on the PC. please let me know if it works just fine in the PC and emulators if you can.:wink: :wgrin:

Ok, I’ve got a lot of things to cover here so I’ll be brief:

  • Does not work on PC, as a matter of fact, is not even recognized by the PC
  • Stick and buttons are on QD’s
  • Stick is Sanwa, buttons are Hori
  • The HRAP has a switch that emulates at any given time either: the digital pad(default), Left analog, or right analog

I don’t have a PS3 yet so I can’t do anything else with it although it looks like I’m going to be swapping the square gate for a GT-Y pretty soon. Watch this space for some inside pics.

Edit: The PCB is hidden away very well(would have to de-solder some stuff) and I don’t want to take it apart too much.

First of all thanks for the impressions Dummy Account, it’s appreciated. Now, I understand from your experience the stick is not recognized by Windows. However, I would like to bring your attention to an app for Windows that is supposed to allow you to use the PS3 Sixaxis controller in Windows programs. The app is called the Sixaxis_PS3_Win32_Driver_For_PC. HERE is the link to the app. There is also a link to the thread where I discovered this program, RIGHT HERE

Dummy Account/Nine_Inch…please download this windows program and then re-try using your Hori stick. I think it should work based on the fact that it allegedly works for the normal Sixaxis controller.

Will be awaiting your results…

What is a GT-Y? And by your comment “Square gate”, are you saying that this stick uses a 4-way joystick? Does this mean that it is unusable in fighting games that require QCF/QCB-type motions like SF and the SNK brawlers? If so, that is unfortunate, and it appears I may be better off continuing to use my MASSYSTEMS stick with a Happ competition joystick exclusively for MAME.

Sounds like adding PCBs could beb a chore, if not entirely unfeasible. Even more of a reason to continue to use the MAS stick…

man that sucks:sad: there goes my dreams of using that for the PC and M.AM.E i will wait for the Virtua FIghter High Grade stick then am crossing my fingers that it does indeed work.

By the way, its weird that its not recognized since its USB???:wonder: :looney:

My phone software is being incredibly retarded right now and I can’t upload the pics from my phone right now. I’ll try to get these pics up ASAP. But if you’re really hard pressed for pics the inside pics from pretty much any other HRAP will do. isamu, thanks for the drivers, but they didn’t work either. All that happens is the activity LED lights up for half a second and shuts back down almost immediately. I tried plugging the stick into every port on every PC I own(with and without drivers installed) and nothing really happens.

A square gate is a restrictor that is attached to the bottom of the joystick that keeps the stick from going too far in a single direction. a GT-Y is an Octagonal restrictor that performs basically the same functions just shaped like an Octagon instead of a square. It makes it easier to hit :u: :d: :l: :r: than with a square.

I’ve got a HRAP3 coming this friday hopefully. :slight_smile: Anyone think it would be possible to use a usb to xbox adapter to use this stick on an xbox? The link shows the kind of adapter im referring to.


If in theory it could work i’m probably gonna go ahead and buy one or if anyone already has one the could try it out?