I Got Next t-shirt pre-sale for EVO2010 | June 10 - 30

Hey Guys,

This is a cross post from the I Got Next thread in case anyone missed it since it’s buried in FGD right now. I recently opened up a pre-sale for I Got Next Logo shirts for people going to EVO2010. If anyone is interested, here’s a link to the sale page:


The sale is on from June 10th to June 30th, after July 13th the store will open back up for normal shipping service. This is just for people going to Evo who want to grab the shirt early (and don’t want to pay shipping).



wuddup y’all

Just wanted to point out a few things here for my man Ian. The shirts are screen printed on Hanes Tagless 6.1 shirt stock. These are high-quality, professionally-made shirts that are durable and will last you a long time. Way better than crappy Gildan or other lower-grade shirt stock. Hanes Tagless 6.1 also has a “loose” fit for those of you who aren’t into the tight-fit look (like American Apparel shirt stock).

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