"I got one question man: tell me who's next"

This rap battle is worth a watch

best thing about that battle was JustBlaze in the background…

Although you have the right intentions, don’t you know this belongs in the video forum.

Nigga, you wanna get banned?

it’s been forever since i posted on SRK, i guess i forgot

Looks at join date


Slams head into desk


nigga only been here a few months talkin about forever

Forever nigga.

I last forever in bed, atleast in what is apparently his perception of time (._. )

i thought the second guy was going to pass out when his eyes started rolling in the back of his head. probably would have been for the best.

Maybe he has a name from back in the day?

I was on here in 01.

^sure u was
my join date is actually 2044
but i used a time machine to travel back to the old days of srk

Lol at the dude rubbing the other guys chest at the beginning.

“Better than last time!”


Was there really a last time?

so apparently Eli is related to [media=youtube]x4bgejTwcds&feature=related"[/media]

How dare you cats forget about Raindrop!


why is that dude hugging jeremy? is that what’s hot in da streetz, putting your arms around another dude while you talk into the camera? that aint a good look, son.

i dunno but, that nigga looked mad sweet while he was caressing that nigga

Eli’s the best maaaaynnee, he did it