I got stabbed at a Jonas Brothers concert

I am currently recovering. Wish me luck!

i hope you die

Serves you right.


Wow you guys sure are rude. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

I didn’t know that Jonas Brothers fans were about dat life.

Am I missing something? Why do you guys hate him?

You should just finish yourself off.

will you help me out? I always could use an extra hand, if you catch my drift.

Wasn’t that the reason you went to the Jonas bros concert?

Typical JB fans.

Did you at least get some of Nick’s hair?

for a stabbed man…your online too much. die faster.

yeah, i got some of his pubic hair stuck between my teeth before i was so viciously shanked by one of his female groupies.

Karma’s a bitch. Course in this case, justice was served.

Most people go for the stupid T-Shirt. Just saying.


Is it that time of the year again?

Should used American Express card, you woulda been safe

Least he wasn’t at a JB or 1D concert.