I got to much time on my hands

This isn’t really fan art but I thought I’d share it with you guys anyway. My sis and I share a computer and she’s always setting the desktop with pics of her current celebrity hearthrob such as Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Currently her crush is Ryan Gosling. Anyone remember that show Breaker High? You know the show with the high school on a cruise ship. Well he was the blond kid on that show. Needless to say I’ve be getting tired of my desktop being adorned with pretty boys so I dicided to do something about it. First here’s the pic as it originally appeared…

And here it is with some subtle “alterations”. And to top it all off just before she saw it I told her I had read in the paper that morning that It was discovered that Ryan Gosling was the leader of a satanic cult, and she believed me!! Anyways, enjoy.

cool image manipulation work :cool: i like that guy ryan gosling, hes a good actor, i love the evil one, its great

Beautiful. Just beautiful. It’s simply so joyful to scroll these two images back and forth. :evil: