I.H.O.P. - Ike's House of Pain

Discuss any strats and thoughts about Fire Emblem’s newcomer: Ike.

I must say that of all the newcomers, it seems that Ike has gotten the most play so far, from my experience at least. Ike is a power hitter, fairly slow in comparison to the rest of the cast but he hits like tank. Hell, every time you land one of his smash attacks it sounds like a tank just fired its canon. If you like power hitters and/or characters with swords, then Ike is probably the character for you.

Thoughts on some of his moves:
F-smash: Very telegraphed but has a nice hitbox. Sends the opponent flying at damages as low as 70%. Due to the animation, it can hit slightly behind him.

U-smash: Another telegraphed move, but has a ridiculous hitbox arcing from in front of him all the way behind. The ideal smash attack when opponents are in the air. Can also be used to catch rollers especially after knockdowns.

D-smash: Typical d-smash in that it hits both in front and behind him. Probably the one I use the least. What’s odd is that the hit that goes behind him is more powerful than the one that hits in front.

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