I had an idea for an EVO 2k12 shirt, so I made it

I like the first design its simple but clever. However, the idea of a world tour shirt is awesome.

Thanks man. Do appreciate it. Also, ManawaTiger. You couldn’t have possibly liked a worse post. :smiley:

That just makes it better, and I’m not being sarcastic. I suppose it would make the tournament location dots a little trick though.

Awesome design, Nice and simple, the art isnt huge and in your face like every other FG shirt. I would buy one of these.

Thank you. I’ve been thinking for a while that a lot of Fighting Game Apparel has been bordering on the line of Tapout level douchebaggery. I do appreciate the shirts that can get it done quick and clever.
Also, I always found the “Boutique” pricing of 30 bucks for a shirt kind of odd.



The WORLD’S FIRST Street Fighter x Tekken shirt. Just something I whipped up in my spare time today. :wink: